Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Day to Night with Cameron Village

Athletic outfit: Flywheel Sweatshirt | Flywheel Lululemon leggings | Sneakers: Nike | Bag: Barrington Gifts | Sunglasses: QUAY

Night outfit: Jacket: Bevello | Top: Bevello | Jeans: Palm Avenue Raleigh | Clutch: Red Dress Boutique 

My two favorite kinds of outfits! There is no in between for me. Slightly kidding about that but seriously, I live for great athleisure and a glam outfit. I'm partnering with Cameron Village in today's post to bring you two looks that you can rock on your way to class or your next workout and for your next date night or GNO.

I shared on the blog last month how much I am loving Flywheel Lululemon apparel! It's the best athletic wear for Flywheel and Lululemon junkies alike. I have a pair of Flywheel Lululemon leggings on in my first outfit. I paired it with THE coziest and softest pullover from Flywheel. This "Never Coast" sweatshirt is one of the most comfortable pieces I have worn this fall. I love the font of the writing and the charcoal grey color makes it versatile to wear with all of my athleisure during the week. I promise Flywheel workouts are as much as their clothing!

My pink jacket and top from Bevello were calling my name! Fall and wintertime are the perfect seasons to rock all things faux fur and fluffy. This jacket is not only super chic, but just like my Flywheel pullover, so soft! You can pair this jacket with so much during the cold months. It's a steal too for under $100. My pink top is by ZSupply, another brand that makes the comfiest apparel. It's suede and another greater fall/winter staple. My denim is from Palm Avenue Raleigh. The brand is PARKER SMITH. My pair of jeans are super cute with the cropped hem and make the perfect pair of pants to wear with your favorite heels or ankle booties! I adore the fit and the true black color. In addition to Lilly brights, Palm Avenue carries brands like PARKER SMITh for every kind of girl.

Thank you Cameron Village for sponsoring this post. 

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