Friday, September 21, 2018

Flywheel Raleigh and lululemon: Cameron Village

Happy Friday!

 This week has been crazy busy, as I'm sure it has been for most North Carolinians. Raleigh was extremely lucky when it came to Hurricane Florence. I only experienced rain and wind, but nothing terrible. I never even once lost power! Some parts of the state I love, were not so lucky. I'm hoping and praying for a speedy recovery for NC. 

My favorite workout I have ever done would hands down be cycling. I was fortunate enough to take my first cycling class ever at Flywheel Raleigh! Cycling is so much fun, I never feel like I'm dragging myself to go workout. Some of us, me lol, don't live and breath to workout. On top of that, the upbeat and high energy music throughout each class keeps me energized and excited. I'm thrilled to be partnering with Flywheel Raleigh and Cameron Village this fall because this is a workout and service that I LOVE. More so than keeping me in great shape, Flywheel classes are the best stress reliever. I feel like a brand new person after class!

In addition to a fab workout, Flywheel also carries the cutest athletic wear in store. In addition to what they already carry, Flywheel recently added Flywheel lululemon apparel in-stores! The best athletic wear meets the best workout! I am an lululemon addict. While their pieces may be on the pricey side for athletic clothing, I have never once had to replace a lululemon piece. Through any workout or laundry wash, lululemon pieces keep their shape and style through it all! 

The Flywheel lululemon line is perfect for lululemon and/or Flywheel junkies like myself. There are so many options to mix and match in addition to my own outfit. I've linked my set above. Definitely check out the pieces in-store if you're local to Raleigh! I'm wearing a size 4 in the top and bottom. 

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