Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Back-to-school with The Container Store

Happy Monday! It’s crazy to me that I’ll be starting my senior year of college at NC State in less than a month-ahhh! I am SO excited to be back in Raleigh. Something that I look forward to at the start of every new school year is setting up my bedroom. With the blog, I work a lot of the time from home. It’s so important to me that my space is one that I love and helps me to be the most successful student possible.

I’ve partnered with The Container Store in today’s post to bring you essentials for your college home this year! I’m sharing my top five favorite products I picked up at TCS this year for back to school. I picked all of these products with maximizing space in mind!

I’ve been keeping my eye out for a mirror I could hang on my bedroom wall and fell in love with this one. I adore how this mirror arches out. The shape of this mirror will allow me to rest sunglasses, keys, etc. on it! The arched shape is also so chic and modern. This mirror also comes in a smaller size and black as well.

This folding hutch is what I’m probably most excited for! I will place this piece on the top of my desk in my bedroom. I love the look of shelving, but I’m sure as most college students know, sometimes you’re very limited to what you can nail and screw in to a wall. This folding hutch will allow me to display my favorite photo frames, d├ęcor, etc. without any damage to my walls!

This purchase isn’t the most glamorous but I will be so thankful for it throughout the school year! In past years, underneath my sink can get very disorganized. Stuff gets knocked around and I swear I seem to lose things! This organizer is perfect for me because it will help me maximize the space underneath my sink and keep me organized all year long!

This purchase is one I’ve wanted for a long time! Over the last year, I have gotten really in to makeup. I’d say I have quite the obsession now! As I continue to buy more makeup, I need somewhere to store it all and keep it looking organized and pretty. I picked up a couple drawer sets and an organization tray to build my perfect makeup display! I think acrylic pieces are gorgeous and I’m so excited to get my makeup set up in these ASAP.

I first saw this product on the Container Store website. On the site, TCS had drinks and sodas laying in this cart. I loved it! I knew that this cart could be used in so many different ways! I can stack it with drinks when friends are over, use it in my bedroom or bathroom to keep those rooms organized etc. I loved that this cart was under $20- so affordable for college students!

Now until August 20th, The Container Store is offering 20% off yourback-to-school purchase! You can use this offer online or in-store! Head to TCS website to sign up for the offer- I had the discount sent right to my phone!

Thank you to The Container Store for sponsoring today’s post.

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