Thursday, March 29, 2018

My Secret For Energy

Happy Friday! It feels fitting to wrap up a crazy week of school and work with a blog post about energy. As a full-time college student with multiple part-time jobs, energy is a must for me! I've been sick on and off all year. Incorporating a shot of Hackamore Energy in to my favorite drinks has been a lifesaver! Don't let the gorgeous bottle deceive you- this drink is nonalcoholic! A shot of Hackamore Energy is equivalent to one cup of coffee. This is perfect for people like me that aren't crazy about coffee- but love the energy it gives them. Mixing Hackamore Energy in with my favorite smoothies or juices is the perfect way to start my day. Mason loves it too. So much he bought himself a bottle! Hackamore Energy has a citrus taste making it perfect to pour into your favorite spring and summer drinks. You can purchase my bottle for $27 at the link above! 

My kimono and dress are from Hathypical and linked above. I'm wearing a size small in both for size reference. My Vince Camuto heels are easily the comfiest wedges I've ever owned! They're linked above as well. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend! 

Thank you to Hackamore Energy for sponsoring this post. 

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