Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Buddy Love Dress and Life Update

Happy Tuesday! It has felt like forever since I wrote a blog post y'all. The past couple of months have been crazy to say the least and I haven't able to blog and share content with y'all as much as I would have liked to. In addition to sharing this gorgeous dress for spring/summer with you guys, I wanted to update you on what's been going on with me these past few months. In late January, I found out I had the flu. I was sick for the flu for about two weeks and in bed for ten days. When I started to feel better from the flu, I had my first round of exams for my classes at NC State. I think I maybe felt better for a week in February. If you're an NC girl, you know we had weird warm days that month. I felt like I was struggling with seasonal allergies for a week or so before I felt awful towards the end of February (the last time I wrote a blog post). I am not kidding y'all, in the last month I have been to the doctor over ten times. I was super fatigued, my ears hurt, my throat hurt, I was so out of it- I felt totally unlike myself and it scared me. I was told it could be: my thyroid, anemia, lymphoma (this scared me like NOTHING else has before), a virus, etc. I had multiple doctors tell me it was a virus over and over again. I have become extremely anxious in the last month. I know my body and I knew what I was feeling was not a virus. No matter how many liquids I drank or how much I slept and took it easy- nothing made me feel better. Ten days ago I could not take the pain in my ears and throat anymore and I begged a new doctor to do something more than just tell me it'd be over soon because it had been weeks. I was given the option to have my ears professionally cleaned out and from that the doctor was able to treat me for a sinus infection. The medicine the doctor gave me for the sinus infection helped relieve some of the pain, but I was back at the doctor today because my ears still hurt! My doctor today prescribed two antibiotics (something I was not originally put on) to help kick this sinus infection. I'm praying that this is it! I know what I have is NOTHING serious, but I so want to get back to feeling like myself and not sick. I've felt under the weather since January! That all being said, I've spent so much time resting and talking with someone about my anxiety. The last month has been hectic with doctors visits but I am so grateful to have met with doctors that are working with me to get better and teachers and bosses that have been so understanding and loving while I feel this way. I'll wrap up my spring semester in about a month (omg!) at NC State and head to Charlotte for the summer to work. I'm so excited to officially be a senior in college soon!

On a lighter and happier note, when I am back to feeling like myself I will non-stop wear this Buddy Love dress in the warm weather! This pink and white piece speaks for itself. The colors of this dress instantly tan up any skin tone and the cut of the dress is so flattering! I love how light and airy this dress is- this would be perfect for super hot days in the summer or girls heading to the Quail Hollow golf tournament in Charlotte! I'm wearing a size small for size reference and you can grab this dress for under $70. It is seriously worth every penny- you will get so much wear out of this dress! It's so easy to dress up or down. My shoes are from Target and almost an exact dupe for a designer pair that is hundreds of dollars. My clutch is the perfect summer bag and comes in multiple colors!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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