Thursday, January 18, 2018

Hello From Raleigh!

Shoes: [c/o] Corkys Footwear | Top (Similar): HMHM & HM | Jeans: Levi | Earrings: Red Dress Boutique | Photography: Glory Roze Photography 

Happy snow day my NC friends! I hope y'all have enjoyed the winter wonderland these past couple of days as much as I have. I am so happy that NC got a "real" snowfall for once and not just a dusting. I was a little sad when I woke yesterday morning around 8am and there wasn't anything on the ground yet, but fast forward 12 hours later- Raleigh easily got 5-6inches! That's a big deal for us in the south. I have been cooped up inside with my laptop staying warm and working (enjoying Law & Order SVU as background noise of course). I am supposed to work tomorrow downtown at 9am, but it will be interesting to see if Raleigh is shut down for the third day in a row. My car is buried under snow and my apartment complex is packed with snow and ice at the moment! 

This past week has been crazy, hence no blog post last week. I'm getting the hang of juggling school, a job based out of Charlotte, a part-time job in downtown Raleigh, and the blog. I'm sure my fellow perfectionists can relate, I've easily gotten frustrated with myself over the past week and it's left me in a little bit of a funk. With everything on my plate, I want to succeed and excel in everything I am putting my heart in to. I have to keep reminding myself that no one is perfect and if I know that I am doing my best, that is enough. I started the week off with a cold, I was constantly on the go between school, work, running errands, settling back in Raleigh, etc. I am very grateful for the snow days these past two days. I really think I needed some time to recoup after not feeling well and really take some time to plan out what this semester will look like. I also think I needed some me time! A break from my laptop and phone, to watch a favorite TV show or Youtube makeup tutorial. 

If you've read EH before, Corkys Footwear isn't new to the blog! I shared a pair of the cutest black booties back in November from Corkys. I'm obsessed with my new grey pair! I love my "Hobo" booties for so many reasons. The color is stunning, I love grey's and this deep color matches perfectly with the neutrals and brights in my closet (like my blue sweater)! The cut is really unique too. The shapes and styles of Corkys shoes make their selection so much fun! I love to wear these booties with my frayed denim. My absolute favorite part of my booties is the snake print/scaled detail. Printed booties are so popular right now and this pair is perfect for the girl who wants to experiment with the trend. The textured faux leather makes a simple and chic bootie a little more edgy and fun! My pair of booties are on sale for only $49 and you can save an additional 30% with code: KENNEDY. My booties come in a gorgeous taupe color as well and fit TTS.


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