Thursday, December 28, 2017

Chic Dress and New Years Resolutions

 Dress | Boots: Splurge or Steal | Hat | Earrings | Lipstick

Happy Friday y'all! Today is bittersweet because while I love that it's the weekend, I so wish this time of year would slow down. The holidays are so much fun and I hate to see the festive decorations, parties, and family time go. The past couple of days though have not been easy ones. A family member of mine had to be hospitalized a couple days ago, while another family member got very sick the morning after. Yesterday was tough to say the least and not how my family expected to be spending this time of year with one another. I would be so grateful if you kept my family in your prayers. My family are the toughest people I know. I am thankful to be in Charlotte with everyone to be here in whatever way I can be. 

This gorgeous dress of mine is on sale through the end of today. You'll get 20% off at checkout, making it around $41. I picked out this dress for my new job that I start in a couple weeks. I thought it would be a great option to create a "work then play" look. I'll wear it with tights and lower heeled booties or kitten heels to work and throw on my favorite OTK boots and hat with it when the day is over and I'm meeting girlfriends for dinner and drinks. It comes in two colors- grey and white. Though the white is almost sold out, my grey color is fully stocked! I'm a sucker for a neutral, chic dress like this- there are so many ways to wear it. I sized up in this dress for extra length being taller.

This is the first time in my life that I have wanted to plan new years resolutions and actually follow through on them. And instead of making random ones, I wanted to create resolutions for every area of my life this year. This includes as a person, as a student, and as a blogger. This past year has been crazy. In good and bad ways. I am so thankful to have found a major I love and successes in something I am so passionate about-blogging. This year has been challenging with forgiveness, relationships, etc. My new years resolutions I hope will positively impact not only myself, but those around me. I hope with good grades, I'll be able to get a stellar job after college and in someway financially give back to my parents that have given me everything in life. I hope to be more forgiving, and through that I am a kinder and better friend. I have spent a lot of this last year self reflecting and feeling like there were multiple times that I was doing everything wrong and could be so critical of myself. More so than ever before, I really want to feel like I have control over my own life and find in peace in knowing that I am doing my best. Here are my new years resolutions for 2018:

As a person:

1. Be more forgiving

2. Treat others how I would want to be treated, regardless of how I'm being treated

3. Find a daily devotional and a "quiet time" everyday

4. Find a healthy nutrition/workout balance (I'm meeting with a nutritionist a few days after the new year)

5. Pay my tithes in church 

As a student:

1. In addition to my upcoming spring internship (that I want to kick butt in), gain a summer and fall internship as well

2. Earn a 3.5 GPA at least 

3. Connect with more students in my classes (I am so shy in class!)

4. Be more open and willing to accept needing a tutor- there are some classes I struggle so much in to pull out a B and am afraid to ask for help in college. I want to/need to take advantage of having a tutor!

5. Build a portfolio of work I've done thus far for employers

As a blogger:

1. Celebrate my success and accomplished goals, more so than criticize myself constantly 

2. Learn when to put my phone down- I want to be able to shut off blogging by a certain time every night and not be up until 3am on Instagram every night

3. Explore a second social media channel to share EH content

4. Share more of my day-to-day like on my Instagram stories

5. Create a workshop/program/guide to starting a blog, targeted especially for college students like myself 

Happy almost new year!


  1. Love this sweater dress! It is SO cute! Also, cheering you on to keep your resolutions! You got this!