Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Natural Beaded Rows Extensions with Intentions Salon

I have always wanted long hair. I love my mother to death, but she and I had different things in mind when it came to my hairstyles when I was younger- I had short hair for most of my childhood. While I was able to grow it back some, it did feel like my hair had given up the past couple of years on trying to grow. I had thought about hair extensions, honestly since a haircut gone wrong five years ago, but I had absolutely no idea where to start and had tons of questions. Could I still wear my hair up? Would they look vastly different than my natural hair? Would they be a ton of maintenance? Would I still feel like myself? That last question was the most important to me. I had no problem feeling like a new person with new hair, but I didn't want to feel different, if that makes any sense. I still wanted to feel like Kennedy, but maybe a new and improved Kennedy.

And it's exactly how I feel with Natural Beaded Rows Extensions. 

I need to start my review off with this: they feel SO natural. They genuinely feel like my natural hair. Julia, the total rockstar and girl boss at Intensions Salon, colored the hair extensions to match my natural hair. My mom could not believe how perfect the color match of my extensions were to my real hair. My mom has been obsessed with my hair since I was a child, and truthfully when I told her I was getting extensions, she was weary. "Why would you mess with perfection?"- my natural hair is anything but lol. The color match was mom approved- my extensions blend so well in to my natural hair. Speaking of color, I had always wanted highlights. I knew if I got them, I'd have to bleach my almost black hair. Julia worked with my on selecting lighter shades of brown that could be included in the rows of extensions. This has to be one of my favorite parts of my NBR extensions- I have highlights in my extensions and my natural hair is bleach free. 

I do all of the same things with my extensions as I did before I wore them. I can wear my hair up (I LOVE this) in a ponytail, messy bun, etc., because the rows aren't on top of my head and hidden on the back/bottom of my head, I can easily straighten/curl the hair to blend with my own, I don't have to wash my hair everyday, and I can continue to let my hair grow. The one of many things that makes NBR amazing is the fact that your hair continues to grow with the extensions in. I've heard horror stories from friends and family about how extensions totally destroyed their hair, ripping and tearing at their natural locks. After having NBR extensions for almost a month, I don't feel/see any damage to my natural hair at all. If anything, the extensions blend so well with my natural hair that I'm messing less with my natural hair with a curling iron and applying less heat to my hair than I did before my extensions.

NBR extensions have given me a new confidence. Like I said before, I've always wanted long hair. After getting them, I'm mad at myself for not getting them sooner. I love the length of my hair, I love the new volume in my hair, I love the different shades and of browns and blacks, I love I don't feel like I'm damaging my hair, and I love that I still feel like myself. I shared on Instagram a couple of days ago that the number one question I get asked about my extensions is "What does Mason think of them?". I think this was the most popular question because he's my best friend and people knew he would be brutally honest if he liked them/hated them. He is the most honest person in my life. He's the first person to tell me when my self-tanning is splotchy or when my makeup is a bit heavy. I love that about him, because he would tell you he loves me most when I'm not trying hard. When my hair, makeup, outfit, etc. is casual. He loves my extensions just as much as I do! He loves the length and the versatility the extensions give me for different hairstyles. More so than anything, he feels like they look/feel natural. They're called NATURAL Beaded Rows extensions for a reason y'all. They feel/look my real hair!

When it comes down to the logistics of Natural Beaded Rows Extensions, I 100% recommend speaking with Julia at Intensions Salon. This total girl boss has been the kindest soul to me over the last month. If I've had even the silliest questions about my hair, she has been awesome in texting me advice, tips, etc. and answering every question I've had along the way. I've linked her contact info above. The best way to find out more about NBR extensions (price, process, etc.): is to get in contact with Julia. NBR extensions are very personalized to what you want your hair to look like. Price depends on the amount of hair/highlighting your hair needs- it's different for everyone! Fill out her salon form I've linked in "contact" to ask her any questions you might have. Julia can add in 1-3 rows of hair with NBR extensions, I have two full rows. I can't recommend Julia enough, I LOVE my hair and love how awesome/helpful/kind/life-changing Julia and Intensions Salon have been the past month. I seriously can't wait to go back to her-she is one of the most genuine people I've met!

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out to Julia or myself!

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