Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Peasant Top and Giving

Happy Tuesday y'all! I apologize for being MIA the past week or so. I had a crazy week last week with exams and wanted to take a break from the internet while Mason and I celebrated our three year anniversary this past weekend. I am back to shooting tomorrow and so excited to debut my new hair to y'all. I feel like a new person with extensions and I can't wait to see how they photograph/see what y'all think of them! This white peasant top is a purchase from years ago. It has held up and been stylish in almost every spring, summer, and fall season. Because it was a purchase from ages ago and I haven't stopped wearing it since, this is definitely a staple piece in my wardrobe. I've linked a couple of similar tops in different price points above. My favorite way to wear this top is with blue denim, but also love the way it looks with black skinnies as well. I found my denim shorts for under $40, my shoes are under $30, and I linked a similar bag for under $50! This is another perfect fall transition outfit for warmer, fall days in NC.

My mom jokes that when I'm not in Charlotte, there is an energy missing from our family. I might be the only person I know on this earth that wakes up in a good mood in the morning (as long as I got my sleep). I try my absolute hardest to have a positive outlook on life. Yes, I have bad days like everyone else. Especially recently, I have found myself struggling at times while I have been in Raleigh. I came across this video yesterday of author Tony Robbins. He speaks about a time in his life where he felt like he had absolutely nothing and what the trials in his life came to help him him understand about giving, appreciation, and his own pain. When I tell y'all this video BLEW my mind, I am so serious. It's only 3 mins long, but I promise you his message will resonate with you way after that. After watching it yesterday, I still can't stop thinking about his message and how I want to apply it to my own life. I've linked it below for you to watch:

I hope you're feeling as in awe as I was yesterday. My favorite part of the entire video is him speaking to when you feel like you have nothing life, that is the time you give. What an incredible outlook to have. This message challenged me to evaluate the things that have recently upset me and made me want to shift my focus from the expectations I have of others to appreciation of the life I have. 

So hoping y'all loved todays post as much as I did!

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