Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday Frills

How is it that we had a short week and yet this week seemed to feel like it went on for forever?! I have been craving the weekend since Tuesday morning y'all. I'm shooting with a local Raleigh blogger today, celebrating a best friends birthday this weekend, and spending lots of time taking it easy with friends over the next few days. Today's "Friday Frills" post is a round up of a few things I've been craving to share with y'all and answering some reoccurring questions I've gotten this week. While I'll (hopefully) be having a fun weekend, Harvey and Irma victims will not be so much. I wanted to share a few places you can make monetary donations to help our hurricane victims. These are all organizations that I have seen and heard wonderful things about, numerous times over the past couple of weeks. I cannot even fathom being separated from family, friends, pets, etc. and losing everything. I wanted to share places to donate for Irma as it approaches the US. I am a firm believer that no donation is too small when there are people in our country that are left with nothing. Organizations are linked below:

I've gotten quite a bit of questions lately about my hair and specifics from my Room Tour post last week. I have a blog post on how I do my hair: here. I don't do Youtube videos, but this post has numerous photos and step by step instructions on how I get my wavy curls. As far as my Room Tour, I was able to link most of the major pieces and decorations in my room: here. All the prints from my office space are linked in that post. I got some questions about my bookcases. I was able to find them online! They're only $30 and linked: here.

I'm so excited to be shooting with another Raleigh blogger today. My favorite part of blogging these past nine months, has been the people I've gotten to meet and work with along the way. Emily Harris is the cutest y'all! She has the sweetest southern style and her bedroom is #goals. I wanted to share her blog and Instagram handle with y'all because I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of her in photos in the future!

Emily Harris Instagram: here
Well Hot Glam (seriously how cute is this name): here

I got my first facial back in July and I'm telling y'all it is the best thing I have ever done for my skin/body. I met with a esthetician at Idolize Brows & Beauty who created a specific treatment for me  based on my skins needs (acne, large pores, etc.).The facial itself was amazing. My esthetician was gentle on my face and massaged my arms and chest in-between treatments (this was heaven!). But what I loved the most was the results of my facial. My esthetician treated my acne and large pores with specific regimens and I swear the size of my pores went down and I didn't have acne on my face for a month. I saw an incredible difference in my skin and cannot wait to head back to Idolize when I'm back in Charlotte in October.
My esthetician was also so helpful in suggesting Dermologica products she thought that would help my skin maintain the results of my facial. As fate had it, I got a PR email from Dermologica not even a week later asking to send me a PR package. I asked out of curiosity if any of the products they were sending were the specific ones I was suggested and y'all- they sent me full size bottles of everything I was suggested (full morning and night routine) and goodies on top of that. More so than being totally impressed with their PR
, I am LOVING the products they sent. I'll have a post soon reviewing the products I've been using in an updated skincare routine.

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

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