Friday, August 25, 2017

Essentials For Your Dorm Room

Happy Friday y'all! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. I am slowly getting in to the hang of my new schedule in Raleigh. I'm loving my classes and have for the most part figured out my school schedule and how to balance it with work, the blog, friends, etc. In the spirit of being back in school, today's post is essentials for dorm rooms. This post is exciting for me because while I am a junior in college and currently not living in a dorm anymore, both my brother and sister with be freshman in college next year and living in their own dorm rooms! I know my sister especially will be hoping I send her off to school with my essentials in todays post. 

Y'all EZneeds is a lifesaver for college students. This e-commerce platform delivers a variety of products to college students- everyday needs delivered. You can pick from home products, beauty products, food products, etc. I ordered my box of goodies on a Tuesday and received it that Friday- my order shipped the day I ordered it! All orders over $50 ship free and receive 1-3 day shipping nationwide. I love all of these necessities I was able to pick up for only $65. 

I'm totally convinced that life would be a hot mess without a planner. My 2017-2018 Happy Living planner by The Posh is perfect for college girls. I adore the bright colors, the amount of writing space, and the sweet quotations throughout the pages. I am such a sucker for quotes!

Pick me up sweets:

I give myself stress headaches when I have crazy, busy days and overwork myself. I always find myself reaching for my Luden's throat drops and Sour Punch Share Me!® Mini Bites on hectic days. I love the throat drops for when I feel like I might be catching a cold and need some quick relief for my throat. The sour punch bites are great for when I need a sugar fix throughout a long day. You can save $1 off of 2 Luden's throat drops bags: here.

I know a majority of us rely on our phones to check the time throughout the day, but almost all college classes I have taken have been "no phones" allowed courses. You'll definitely need a watch to check the time throughout class and pace yourself during exams. I love this Casio A168WG-9VT Vintage watch. Gold is one of my favorite colors and I adore the digital face on this watch. It's also super affordable as far as nice watches go!

I've talked about this in a previous college dorm/apartment room post, but every college bedroom needs a cute throw blanket! Throws are perfect for snuggling up under when you don't want to crawl in to bed but want to stay warm. I adore this Viv and Lou throw blanket. I love the bright colors and how perfect this throw will go with any neutral bedding decor. You can save 25% on your entire Viv and Lou order with code: EnticinglyHaute25. Viv and Lou has the cutest gifts/accessories for dorm life!

At the end of the day, you need to break from screens and school work. I love reading my "The princess saves herself in this one" before heading to bed at night. This book filled with Instagram poetry is beautiful and such a calming end to my day. This book is great because I quickly read through the pages but love the writing so much, I find myself constantly reading this book throughout the week.

As a college student, there will be so many times that you need to grab food quick to go on a busy day. These BIG AZ® Sandwiches are yummy and perfect for crazy busy college students. These ready made foods just need to be heated up and you are ready to go! You can find these homestyle sandwiches all across the country at numerous convenience stores. I've linked a $1 off coupon above!

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