Friday, July 14, 2017

Star Gal Round Up and 3 Movies To See

Happy Friday y'all! If you haven't already seen on Instagram, I'm giving a $150 gift card away to Star Gal Styles! Star's clothes aren't anything new to EH, as today's white lace dress is our 5th collaboration this summer! I'm rounding up all of my favorite Star Gal outfits today on the blog just as a reminder as to what you could grab if you're the lucky winner! I'm also sharing three movies you NEED to see before they leave theaters. I've picked a comedy, action, and suspense/romance film!
This dress is a new outfit for Star! How amazing is this white lace y'all?! It would be so perfect for bridal festivities or any summer occasion that calls for a white dress. I've paired this dress with bow heels from Star as well. These shoes are such a great neutral color and they will go with almost anything. The bow detailing is my fave and this entire outfit is so chic!

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This outfit was crazy popular on Instagram! I'm also going to link the original post: Striped Set and Instagram Engagement  because I've gotten a lot of questions about Instagram lately! All of Star's outfits, just like this one, are so much fun to wear. This is because they are so bold and exciting to style. I had never worn a two piece pants set before this outfit and I LOVED this one as soon as I tried it on!

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There is SO much to love about this bodysuit. I adore the color, ruffles, back of the suit, and the plunge of the neckline. This is a great staple piece for your closet when you want to go out with friends and girlfriends. This bodysuit does a lot of the work for you and makes your job of accessorizing very simple! 

Shop my pink bodysuit: here

Another very fun/chic look y'all. There was never a full blog post on this look, but again this outfit was an Instagram favorite. I posted this outfit right around the time the new season of "House of Cards" came out. You guys assured me this would be a Claire Underwood approved outfit! I love the ruffled detailing of this top and felt like a total girl boss in this outfit.

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Friday Favorites: 3 Movies you need to see this summer

1. Wonder Woman 

WW was a fantastic action movie. Gal Gadot did a phenomenal job as WW. I can't even imagine the impact this movie had on little girls, because even 20 year old me left the movie prouder to be a woman and feeling a little extra bad ass. It was so cool to see the female role of a movie not be chasing after a guy or only doing things for love. This is a great family movie as well because there isn't a lot of sexual content or profanity. 

2. House 

I'm a big Will Ferrell fan and this movie was absolutely hilarious. I went and saw it with Mason and I can't tell you how many times we both cracked up laughing with the entire theater. I honestly can't remember the last time I laughed that hard at a movie. This is definitely a feel good movie if you need a laugh and to unwind! I don't suggest going see this with your parents or kids!

3. Baby Driver

This movie might be one of my favorites of all time. The suspense is incredible and the romance in this movie is the perfect amount. Nothing to sexual or promiscuous, but just enough that you can feel the love the characters have for one another. My two favorite male actors of all time, Jon Hamm and Kevin Spacey, are in this film and they absolutely kill it as always. Even though there is a little bit of sexual content, I'd still say it's okay to see with families. One thing that surprised me with this film was the music. The music in this movie is incredible! I looked up the movie playlist on Spotify as soon as I got home to listen to. If you're a music lover like myself, you need to see this movie!

Have a wonderful weekend guys!

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