Friday, July 21, 2017

Ringly Ring- Smart Jewelry

Happy Friday y'all! I hope this post finds you well and ready for the weekend, because boy am I ready! I'm headed to dinner with a girlfriend tonight, a dance class Saturday morning, and a modeling  fitting on Sunday! Moving back to Raleigh will be here before I know it- I have so much planned for my last weeks in Charlotte!

You can shop all of my outfit details above! My top is less than $20 and I found a similar skirt for under $40. I am going to live in these Guilty Sole shoes through the fall and tried to find as close to a similar cross body bag as I could.

With as crazy on-the-go as I have become this summer, my Ringly ring is my favorite everyday accessory. If it wasn't the most tech savvy piece of jewelry ever, I still would have boughten this ring because it's gorgeous! I love the turquoise stone. But this ring is so much more than beauty. It tracks my steps, tells me how far I have walked during the day, and keeps track of the calories I'm burning. This ring syncs with my phone through bluetooth. The Ringly app on my phone gives me all the  deets throughout the day and sends me the most fun notifications when I have reached my step goal (10,000!). Not only does it track my activity for the day, this ring vibrates/lights up for notifications on my phone. You can choose what you want to be notified of- I get vibrations when I receive a text, phone call, or email. I set up the light to flash when I get texts from people like Mason or my mom! I swear this ring does it all and I'm obsessed. This is the perfect accessory for women in the business world that elegantly and fashionably want to keep up with their activity during the day and receive important notifications, without having to look at their phone!

I charge my Ringly ring through the box it came in, attached to a USB cord that comes with your ring. You can plug the USB into any outlet. Below is a screenshot of what my activity looked like yesterday. I have so much fun checking the app throughout the day to see my progress. 

Ringly offers multiple ring color options. They also sell smart bracelets that do everything my ring does! Everyone I tell about my smart ring is amazed at all that it does- you would never know it was a fitness tracker! 

You can shop all Ringly products: here

Have a wonderful Friday y'all!

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