Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Eyelash Extensions with 3B Enhancement Studio

Dress: Nobella Grace // Eyelash Extensions: 3B Enhancement

Happy Thursday y'all! My mom, sister, and I had a fabulous time on our girls trip the past few days. It was a ton of fun, but I am one tired chick. I worked through all three jobs on vacation and I think I could sleep from now until Saturday! I was excited to head home because I found out I'll be walking in a Charlotte fashion show in a couple of weeks, I'm meeting up with one of my best girlfriends tomorrow, and I'm finishing up my last shoots before I head back to Raleigh. It's crazy to think how fast time has flown by this summer. I have no more vacations planned this summer because I'll be spending these next few weeks packing up and getting ready for my new apartment!

When it comes to vacations, the best thing I did for myself this summer was try out eyelash extensions. I have so been looking forward to sharing all about eyelash extensions and my experience with them and this post is not only that, but Ricki of 3B enhancement Studio (the mastermind behind all things beauty) gave me so much insight and information that makes this post so useful to anyone that wears makeup as well.

I first decided to get eyelash extensions before going on my first vacation this summer. I had seen friends and other bloggers with them and admired how gorgeous they looked on everyone I saw. I was interested to see if I would notice a big difference in my lashes because I consider myself to have longer and fuller lashes than the norm. The photos below are my before and after, as well as immediately after Ricki finished my lashes.

Holy smokes, yes I could tell a difference! I LOVED my new lashes. I don't know if y'all remember the day I got them back in June, but I couldn't stop posting on my story- I was obsessed. To sum up the process, I laid back while Ricki applied individual lashes for two hours. She is one of the coolest people I have met in Charlotte. We chatted about all sorts of things while I got my lashes done. My favorites were the amazing places she has traveled and how she has clients that drive hours just for her services (I'm sharing all she offers at the end of this post). The application was not painful and my eye was a little red at the end from the adhesive, but was back to normal within minutes! The procedure itself was very relaxing and Ricki was so much fun to talk to and get to know. 

Eyelash extensions were amazing on vacation because I was able to skip out on eye makeup during my trip. Meaning, not only did I not have to worry about it running down my face if I got hot during the day, but I didn't have to spend time removing the makeup at the end of the night. When I did apply eyeliner and mascara, I always wore enough makeup that when I went to remove it at the end of the night, I lost 1-2 lashes. Eyelash extensions can fully take the place of eyeliner and mascara y'all. It will save you so much time, morning and night, not having to worry about eye makeup, knowing your lashes already look flawless. I am amazed at how curled/perfect my eyelash extensions have stayed. Never once have the lashes straightened or moved around on my lash line!

I could not recommend eyelash extensions or booking with Ricki enough. Her work speaks for itself, the eyelash extensions she gave me were gorgeous. I have felt very naturally glam the past month and will definitely be making an appointment for a fill. I was someone that loved strip lashes for blog shoots and special events and after talking to Ricki and having eyelash extensions of my own, eyelash extensions are definitely the way to go for a few reasons. 1. They're safer than strip lashes, because they won't tear your natural lash out if applied correctly. 2. Strip lashes carry bacteria and cannot be cleaned. 3. The glue attached to the lash line overtime rips lashes out. 4. Eyelash extensions are water proof! 5. Though strip lashes come in a variety of looks, lash stylists are able to control the flutter and appearance of your lashes to your liking. If you're wondering how I cleaned my eyelash extensions, Ricki provided me with a fantastic makeup removing solution that came with a brush to apply it, as well as a wand to keep my lashes curled.

Ricki does not only offer eyelash extensions, but microblading as well. Ricki says that Microblading is the newest and most effective enhancement of brows. It's relatively painless and the procedure yields long results. Imagine waking up with the perfect brow daily for almost two years. Pigment is applied underneath the skin using a small needle, while the artist imitates hair strokes in a scratching motion. The brow area is numb and the artist uses a light touch, only affecting the top layer of skin and you get to choose your shape and color. Below is a before and after photo of one of Ricki's microblading clients:

When looking to book your own eyelash extension and Microblading appointments, Ricki tells that you need to do your research and find a licensed esthetician. This includes looking for reviews on the stylist as well as photos of their work. 

If you are in Charlotte or the surrounding area, I cannot suggest Ricki enough.
She is absolutely amazing! 
Ricki also provides private eyelash extension and Microblading training. Beginning August 1st, permanent eyeliner and lips are new services at 3B Enhancement Studio. 

You can check out her website: here
Book your appointments with her: here
And follow her on Instagram! Her Instagram feed is filled with before and after photos of her clients. 

I'm sharing my favorite style tech gadget of the summer, tomorrow on the blog!

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