Thursday, July 13, 2017

5 things in my summer bag with Mahi Leather

Happy Thursday y'all! I have an update on my mini getaway next week, but first I wanted to share a giveaway I have going on until Friday night. Myself and nine other bloggers are giving away a $100 Nordstrom gift card, as well as a T3 Trio Curling Wand Set ($355 value)! You can head to this Instagram post to enter! All you have to do is like the picture and follow the other 9 bloggers. Super easy! To update you on my getaway with my mom and sister, we are headed to a resort in the western mountains of NC. I cannot wait to be in the mountains and hopefully get a break from this heat in Charlotte. With as hot as it has been here, I can't make it through shooting one outfit without wanting to run back to the car for water and AC! I'm excited to share pictures of where we go and what we do starting next Monday.

I have taken this bag with me on one vacation and it's definitely coming with me next week on my next! My Mahi Leather tote has been my favorite bag for summer. Cognac brown is one of my favorite colors because it goes with everything and anything. I can wear this bag with a dress and heels or even just running around in athletic wear and sneakers. I also adore the size of my bag.  It's the perfect amount of room for my laptop, wallet, keys, and phone. The style of this bag is great for travel too. Especially when I was walking out and about in HHI, I could easily throw this bag over a shoulder and have it rest on my hip, vs. having to carry it on one shoulder. It's one thing to have a stylish purse, but it's everything to find a stylish one that is comfortable. I adore my embroidered initials at the edge of the bag. There are a few different color options for monograms, but my initials made a simple brown bag, my own and more chic!

Mahi Leather bags are made custom to order and a percentage of every order is donated to FRANK Water, a charity raising clean drinking water for families in India. I love brands that are working daily to make the world a better place!

5 things in my summer bag:

1. Water
There's a chance right now you might be like, "Kennedy, duh!". But in all seriousness, during this time of year, water is more important than any piece of makeup. Water isn't just great for skin, it is great for your health. I've caught myself a few times not staying hydrated enough throughout the day and have gotten the worst headaches that have slowed down my productiveness when working. Water will keep you looking good and feeling good too!

2. Makeup with sunscreen/sunscreen 
Another no brainer for me in the summer time. It is so important to make care of your skin. Over the past couple years, it's become very apparent on both sides of my family that skin cancer could be a real possibility for me in the future. Protect your skin y'all. Buying a fake tanner for the rest of your life is so much more worth it than having to visit the dermatologist in the future to get pieces of your skin cut off and removed. 

3. Mascara 
My favorite makeup piece of all time. Do not buy waterproof mascara! If you're going to the pool, it'd be smarter to skip out on the makeup vs. trying to wear it under water and thinking it'll stay on. You shouldn't put things on your face that won't come off. I love how mascara can instantly make you look more awake. Your eyes just pop more with it on! If I could wear only one piece of makeup for the rest of my life, it would definitely be mascara.

4. Oil blotting papers
For my fellow oily skin girls, these are a necessity. For any girl that wears make up during the summer, you are sure to sweat at some point and reach for something to dab your shine off with. Oil blotting papers are not crazy expensive and not only do a kick butt job of removing the shine, they won't wipe away your makeup too. Using a napkin or toilet paper won't give you the same result. My makeup always at least slightly wipes away if I use anything but oil blotting papers!

5. Moisturizing lipstick
If I know it's going to be super hot out, I don't reach for a liquid lipstick. This is because I feel most are very drying on my lips and mixing that with heat has not worked well for me. A chapstick or lip gloss are also easy grabs for the summer but if you want something with color, definitely reach for a lipstick with some moisture. This will keep your lips colorful and not looking chapped or dried out. 

I'm sharing another giveaway on Instagram tomorrow! Stay tuned and don't forget to enter my most recent one!

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