Saturday, July 22, 2017

5 things For Your Dorm Room/Apartment Bedroom

Happy Saturday y'all and cheers to the weekend. I can't believe its almost time to head back to school already! Summer has absolutely flown by and where it felt like I was just packing up my apartment at NC State, I leave in a less than 3 weeks to move back to Raleigh in to a brand new apartment. Every year at NC State thus far I have actually moved in to a different place than the year before and with that, I have always changed the decor and look of my room.

 Going in to my junior year, I feel like I'm finally going to get it right with decorating my bedroom. 
I consider myself to be a trendy person. I want what's on trend and popular at the time. Obviously trends fluctuate and eventually die out, which is why I have written today's post. I've partnered with Dorm-Decor to bring EH readers 5 pieces every girl should have in their dorm room/apartment bedroom. These pieces are classic and timeless, meaning I can mix all of the trendy decor that I want with them over the years. These 5 pieces will always cover the foundation of decorating a new bedroom:

My pink, dutch euro pillows are absolutely stunning. They're so chic! It wasn't a tough choice for me to pick the blush pink, because it's my favorite color. Dorm-Decor also offers these pillows in neutral colors like white and beige. My pillows are linen and I cannot even describe how soft and fluffy they are y'all. I want to lay between them both all day long! It'll be dangerous to try and get done work in my bed with how comfortable they are. But that's the way pillows should be in college! After school work, being in class all day, working a part time job, and working on the blog this past semester, there was no greater love than the one between me and my bed at the end of the day. Dorm-Decor suggests purchasing one dutch euro pillow for twin beds and two for full size beds and up. 

It amazes me the difference a headboard makes on a bed, especially in dorm rooms. There is an instant elegance and chicness adding a headboard. I have loved the most basic bedrooms (as a crazy decoration lady) if they have included one! Picking out a neutral colored headboard will allow you to mix up your throw pillows and decor in your room. If you can choose a color that will go with everything, you will have and want to use it forever!
I've linked a similar Dorm-Decor grey headboard above!

I remember one of my favorite purchases for my room last year, was a hot pink throw for my white bedding. I love that thing! If you're going to opt for neutral pillows, bedding, etc. investing in a throw  is perfect for a pop of color in your room! I like matching throws to my accent colors. A pink throw would be perfect with my pink dutch euro pillows. If you don't have any bold colors in your decor, opting for a pom pom or fringe throw is still the way to go. You will love how it looks on the end of your bed and throw blankets are the best to lay with when you don't want to crawl in to bed just yet, but still want to snuggle up! I've linked a Dorm-Decor pom pom throw to match my own bedding above. The throw is on sale for $36!

This is something I wish I had my freshman year of college! My freshman year bedding was a blue and purple boho print and while it was absolutely gorgeous, it didn't give me much room to experiment/mix up my decor. Neutral bedding allows you to change up your pillows, decor, blanket, etc. I loved white bedding my sophomore year of college. I do warn if you're someone though who will be in your bed a lot, opt for an off white or cream color bedding. My sophomore year apartment was very small and I spent time eating in my bed (my mom is cringing reading this). There were tiny food stains I never quite got off. If you won't be in your bed other than to sleep and lay around, white bedding is totally doable and super chic. Everything goes with white. My bedding this year will be a soft grey. I've linked my favorite white Dorm-Decor bedding above!

I'm obsessed with my new throw pillow from Dorm-Decor. The sequins are so much fun, but the soft taupe/beige color will match with almost anything. I will have numerous pillows on my bed this year but in addition to the pillows that come with your bedding, a fun pillow is just as important as a fun throw! I say invest in one that will match almost anything so you can have it forever.  I'll match other throw pillows around this one over the next few years. I also can't get over how comfy my pillow is for a throw pillow! I want to lay it on it just as much as my dutch euro pillows! My sequin throw pillow is currently on sale for $35 and linked above!

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