Thursday, June 15, 2017

White Floral Maxi and Drugstore Makeup I'm Currently Loving

Happy Friday y'all! It has been a crazy busy week. I swear everyday has flown by because oh how hectic life has gotten. Don't get me wrong, I love that I am busy. I am so thankful that I am busy. But seriously, it feels like it was just Monday for me. And don't take this mini rant as me complaining- I love me some weekend time! I'm excited that next weekend I'll be on my way to a beach vacation and I can hardly wait. 

My Mint Julep boutique dress will be one of the first things I pack for my beach trip at the end of the month (yes it's only half way through June, but I'll be back on July 1st from vaca..where did the month go?!). I remember seeing this dress and the best way to describe my reaction is: OMG. This floral maxi is gorgeous! I am a sucker for a white dress in the summer. I believe everyone looks good in white this time of year! The floral print is so vibrant and perfect for the season too. There's a couple of things that make this dress an essential for women going on vacations this summer. First, the material of my maxi is very versatile. It's simple enough to wear with sandals, a messy bun, and sunnies. But, it can also be dressed up with wedges and big earrings too. Going out for a casual brunch? Check! Eating dinner at your favorite steakhouse? Check! Second, this dress is so light and thats so rare for a maxi dress. I wore this for my brothers surprise birthday cookout because it kept me cool during the day into the night. If the material was heavy, there's no way I could have worn it outside running around partying planning and greeting people. I would have been a hot mess, honestly, probably just a mess! After wearing it Sunday and being so happy that this material is so light (and doesn't wrinkle easy), I can't wait to wear it around the island in a couple of weekends. My maxi dress is less than $50 y'all! Holy steal alert. I love being able to share great, affordable pieces: and this maxi dress is it! I'm wearing a size small for reference. 

Drugstore Makeup I'm currently loving:

I've been using Two Faced "Better Than Sex Mascara" for a few months now. And while I love the volume it gave my lashes and how black it made my lashes, the mascara was giving me little to no length. Loreal came out with Lash Paradise and my length prayers were answered! This mascara is highly rumored to be a dupe for the BTS mascara because the packaging and brush are so similar. This $10 mascara makes my lashes super black, gives them great volume, AND gives me awesome length. This mascara is only not so much more worth it because of the price difference ($10 vs. $23) but I love the Lash Paradise more so than the BTS. I think it's much better looking on my lashes. I can't find it in drugstores yet because it is so new, but you I've linked it for on Ulta!

I have a million things wrong with my skin. I'm super red, still get acne, have huge pores, dark under eye circles, etc. I have always struggled to find a foundation that can cover it all. My Milani 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer is heaven sent. This foundation does it all y'all! I only color correct the redness on my face with green concealer and highlight underneath my eyes like normal, and my foundation completely covers everything. I love that this product is full coverage and lasts all day. I don't see the foundation fading after 10 hours of wearing it. And the best part is: It's less than $8. I have paid over $50 for full coverage foundation before. This product is amazing. I will never wear another foundation again! The coverage is great and the price is fantastic. I've included a swatch photo below that helped me match to my perfect shade. I can't find this in the drugstore quite often (sells out a lot) but you can get online at Target! My shade is: Light Beige.

This Physicians Formula bronzer is great for summer because it's an ashier toned brown. Meaning, it looks less orange on the skin. Ashier browns are definitely more natural looking than orange browns! I love the Hoola bronzer, but it's so easy to have your skin look fake wearing it. My Butter Bronzer is scented to smell like summer too! If you love the smell of coconuts/sunscreen, you'll love the scent of this bronzer! It has been the best shade match for me ever and gives a very natural contour on my face. The Butter Bronzer is on the pricer side of drugstore makeup for $15, but it is 100% worth it for how amazing the shade is! The color warms up my face so nicely for summer and the smell alone makes it essential for your summer makeup routine. I haven't seen this bronzer in a lot of drugstores (quickly sells out) but you can shop it online at Ulta!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

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