Thursday, June 22, 2017

Red Embroidered Top and 1/2 year Blog Anniversary

 Happy Friday y'all!! I am one happy girl as I write this post because this will be my last post in Charlotte for over a week. I'll be writing from HHI on Tuesday! Tomorrow, I'll be on my way to Hilton Head Island for a week with my family. I'm so excited to share that today is the half-year anniversary of EH! Yes- my first post went live 6 months ago. I am feeling so thankful and loved today. The past 6 months have flown by because they have been so much fun and I am so thrilled with what EH has turned in to and how big apart of my life it has become. Later in this post, I am wrapping up the last 6 months and sharing ultimately how my blog changed my life.

But first- how sweet is this red top y'all! I'm definitely packing this red embroidered piece with me for my beach trip, it will be an essential for me this summer. My Honey Lake boutique top will be perfect for early morning brunches or late day shopping around the island. The color of this piece will be beautiful on all skin colors. I love that I found a summertime color that I can pair with all of my favorite black accessories! The embroidery on this top is gorgeous and perfect for the summertime. I adore floral prints like this during these warm months. I also love that this top is very light weight. Especially at the beach, it's important that whatever I pack keeps me as cool as possible! This top will be perfect for all the walking thats to come this week. Even though the top is light weight, it isn't sheer enough that you need a tank top. A normal nude colored bra will keep you completely covered and cooled off this time of year. I'm excited to wear this top when it gets cooler out in the fall with blue denim, boots, and a neutral sweater. This top is only $36!I'm wearing a size small for size reference. 

6 months of blogging: 
6 months ago on December 23rd, I posted for the first time on EH. I wrapped up my favorite products of 2016 in a post that began something for me, that would ultimately change my life. These past 6 months have been the most defining in my life thus far. Blogging has given me an outlet to fully and 100% be myself. I've written about in previous posts that I followed bloggers for years leading up to my blog launch in the end of 2016. Following along with bloggers always made me want to try writing and creating a blog of my own. One thing always stopped me. Fear. It was the fear of failure, the fear of criticism, and the fear of judgment. The fear of judgement rattled me the most and was the ultimate thing that stopped me from creating something of my own. It took years of realizing how fearful I was of rejection to admit that my life was run more by fear than it was faith. As a Christian, I ultimately felt like a huge hypocrite admitting that because at all times I'm supposed to be a believer and trust the path ahead of me, not being able to see every step along the way. 

My blog launching in December was very planned. Not so much planned by me, but a path laid out in front of me that I had to walk carefully through with good faith. In the beginning of December, I made a big life decision to cut a big part of my life out because of how unhappy it was making me. I was so unhappy and frustrated with the situation that I was in. And I knew for months that where I was in life, was continually going to hurt me more and more, until I made the decision to remove myself from it. But for months and months I didn't remove myself from what was hurting me, because I was fearful to be without it, and that fear overpowered my happiness. I continually chose to be in a situation that made me unhappy because it was more comforting to know I might be miserable, but at least I felt somewhat safe. I had nothing to be scared about if I did't make any life changes. And specifically, scared of people. I was a huge people pleaser. Kennedy 6 months would get really worked up and upset if I couldn't make people happy and like me. 

Back to the beginning of December, I knew I wasn't happy where I was in life. I just knew that nothing was going to get better in the situation I was in. I was home for a month with my family and being with the people that love me the most and care for me the most, I began to express and speak about my unhappiness. And the more I talked about it and the more words I said out loud, the clearer my path became. The more that I actually acknowledged and gave myself time and room to feel the feelings that I had felt for so long, the stronger I emotionally felt myself become. With that strength, I really wanted to evaluate what I wanted in life. Not what society wanted for me, or my friends, or my family, but ME. What did I want? I wanted to be happy again. I wanted to feel like I could 100% be myself. The first step to getting both of those things, was removing myself from the current situation  I was in. I did just that and I swear all the weight on my shoulders and clouds above me, vanished. I became so much more clear headed and so excited to really focus on me and what I could do with my life. EH was born. Enticingly Haute was the result of making the decision to evolve from a fear driven human being, to one that fully believes and trusts and is excited for the unknown.

Getting more specific with the blog. I knew when I began to brand myself, I would face criticism. I'm a college student and from some of the response that I have seen, it's not "cool" to care. I spent so many Friday and Saturday nights planning and writing and creating this blog. Not going out and partying. I'm 100% not saying partying is wrong for any college kid to do, but thats what I chose to do with my time. It's ten times easier to feel accepted doing what's popular vs. what's not. There were weeks I got 4 hours of sleep a night to manage school, my job, and the blog. I finished off this past semester on the Dean's List with my highest GPA yet while in college. I knew before even starting the blog that I would face trials that I would have to push through to make my blog what I wanted it to be. I fully accredit this blog to helping me break my fear driven life. EH has 100% changed my life, for the better. I don't say no to as many things now, I am more willing to take risks, I learn more and better from failures along the way, and I am happier.

 That is the absolute best part of this blog. The happiness EH gives me everyday is everything. I love being able to fully express and share myself to so many wonderful people everyday. I have gained the most wonderful people in my life, I have built so many new and healthy relationships. This blog made my current Marketing position and internship possible. I am eternally grateful for anyone who has supported me along the way. Whether you like and comment on every post or even cruise by occasionally to see what I am up to, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have no idea what an impact your support has had personally on my life. I love what I am doing and it is because of the amazing people that read and follow along with my content everyday.

I can't even imagine my life without EH. Choosing to be happy and go after a dream of mine, opened up an abundance of overflowing love that I will appreciate and cherish for the rest of my life. Again, thank you always for your support. It means everything to me. 

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