Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Father's Day Gift Guide

One. My dad has recently started getting Amazon products in the mail and he is obsessed! This is a great gift for those on a budget because you can scoop this device up for $50. 

Two. How cute is this hat!! And it's only $13! I will definitely be picking this up for my dad to compliment his new grill (what he wanted for Father's Day).

Three. My parents got my siblings and I virtual reality headsets for Christmas and I swear my dad has the most fun with it! This is another great find for those on a budget, as you can pick this one up thats compatible with your phone for $50.

Four. I love this speaker! The sound quality is great, it's portability is awesome, and it's a steal for a speaker for only $60.

Five. I love brown leather belts! There something about a cognac brown color that I love for a guy. This would be such a handsome belt for any man.

Six. A gadget that does everything! I love that this one from Nordstrom comes with an initial engraved. 

Seven. Another monogrammed goodie. This spirits decanter would look awesome on a bar cart or in your dads office. It comes with one glass and you purchase more through Nordstrom.

Eight. Gingham is so big this summer. I love this Nordstrom mens top that is on sale for $25 right now!

Nine. Adore this grilling set from Nordstrom! Every dad could always use some new grill tools.

Ten. Again, I love cognac brown for a man. I'm obsessed with this leather phone case- it's so manly!

Eleven. I love Kiehl products and this would be a great gift for fathers that are traveling this summer for work or vacations. 

Twelve. This is a front pocket wallet. Front pocket wallets are great for men who spend most of their day sitting down in their office. Men can comfortably leave this wallet in their front pocket and not have to worry about taking it in and out of their back pocket to sit down!

Wishing you and your family an early Happy Father's Day!

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