Friday, June 9, 2017

Brook & York Necklaces

Name Necklace: Brook & York | Mini V Necklace: Brook & York

Hey y'all! Happy Friday! Has it felt like a long week to anyone else?! I have been craving the weekend since Monday. I shared a couple of days ago that I had a date night planned with Mason last night, and while I don't usually share our dates, this one was a must share. We saw Wonder Woman and y'all- it was fantastic! I will definitely be returning to see the movie again while in theaters, I absolutely loved it. I actually teared up during one of the fight scenes because Wonder Woman is so fierce and exerts such great strength, it makes me proud to be a woman! A lot of the previews before Wonder Woman were women focused movies coming out later this year and I cannot wait! I 110% suggest you go see Wonder Woman, if you're a girl, into super hero movies, etc. The film was absolutely phenomenal.

I wore my Brook & York necklaces on my date night last night! Honestly, I've pretty much worn them everywhere lately! I am so obsessed with these pieces. I have to admit, I'm not the worlds largest jewelry wearer. I'll wear a simple ring here and there, and maybe statement earrings every now and again. But when I say I want to wear these pieces with everything, I have rarely taken them off since I got them. I adore how my name came out in my top necklace. It was so hard to choose between Mason or I's name! I've been wanting to get a charm necklace or any kind of necklace that would incorporate his name or initials. Getting a Mason necklace will definitely be my next purchase from Brook & York. It's funny, because my mini V necklace is actually named the "Mason Mini V Necklace"! I love wearing these necklaces together because I feel like I'm mixing the nameplate, a more feminine/girly piece, with a more edgy piece, the mini V necklace. These pieces are sure to become everyday jewelry pieces for me. I adore where they hit on my neck and chest and love, love, love the gold. You can buy my nameplate in gold, rose gold, and silver! Take 10% off all Brook & York products with code: KENNEDY.

I am thrilled to partner with Brook & York to giveaway a $100 gift card to their brand. Head over to my Instagram and check out my latest post to enter. Make sure to enter sometime over the weekend, as the giveaway ends this Sunday night (the 11th) at 11:59 pm EST.

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