Thursday, June 8, 2017

Boho Maxi Dress

Dress: Pineapple Collective | Earrings: (Similar) | Shoes: Target | Sunglasses: (Similar)

Happy Thursday y'all! I announced the Pineapple Collective giveaway winner on my Instagram today. Thank you to everyone who entered. I'm excited to announce another giveaway tomorrow! I adore getting to partner with brands to share products that I am loving with my readers and followers. Shopping in general excites me, but the chance to go shopping for free- count me in! I remember winning my first gift card giveaway in December. I was staying with my family for Christmas and I remember being so excited that I woke up almost my entire family at midnight (when the brand announced) to share the good news. No one was nearly as excited as I was! I always want EH to not only make women look good, but feel good too. If I can shed even shine a tiny bit of light on someones day with EH, that means everything to me.

I loved kicking off my summer with this maxi! I remember showing my mom this dress when I first partnered with Pineapple Collective and she was like "Maxis are back in style?!".  Yes m'am they are! I actually have two more maxi dresses coming to the blog soon. Maxi dresses are dominating this summer already. The length of them adds a little bit formality to what else might be considered a casual dress if the length was shorter. The material of this dress makes it very versatile to wear which I love. This dress could be worn with wedges and big earrings like mine and it would make the perfect outfit for going out to dinner or a date night. Or this dress could be worn with a messy bun, big shades, and casual sandals and make for the perfect Sunday errands outfit! Unfortunately, this dress will not be restocked on Pineapple Collectives website (it is sold out), but PC have a lot of great and affordable maxi dresses to pick from! I was so stuck choosing between my boho floral print one and this red and white stripe one. Not only are PC's maxi dresses so cute with the prettiest prints, but they're also all under $50! You absolutely cannot beat that. My Pineapple Collective Dress is going to come in so handy when I travel to the beach at the end of this month. This piece will be perfect when I'm feeling too lazy to put a lot of effort in to getting ready, but still want to look put together! I'm wearing a size medium in this dress (I went up my normal size for the length). I suggest if you're taller like me (I'm 5'9) to go up your regular size for length purposes!

I announced on my Insta story today that I am sharing a Q+A on the blog this Saturday! Please email or DM me any questions you might have, I love hearing from you all!

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