Monday, May 1, 2017

White Shirt Dress and Why I Started Blogging

Buddy Love dress // Earrings (On sale in gray!) // Bracelet (On sale!)// Shoes

Happy Monday EH! I am a happy girl this Monday because I spent a wonderful weekend with my mom and closed out Sunday night with Hibachi and planning a crazy week out. I love to plan my weeks out, even finals week which started this morning! I have an exam Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, so I'm probably studying away as you read this. I would hate to put EH on hold for a week, so I will have blog posts up this week on days I am not testing. 

This dress is probably my favorite outfit to date for EH. I am so excited to start the week off with it! My Buddy Love Vine Dress will be my go to white dress for the summer. I adore white for the summer, I'll take anything with peplum detailing, and this dress is ridiculously easy to dress up or down. I couldn't wait to wear it with my Target bow slides that I have on repeat. I plan on wearing it soon with wedges and a messy bun on a date night with Mason or for lunch with girlfriends. I would suggest a slip for underneath this dress since it is white and a bit sheer and I am wearing a size small for size reference. 

Why I started blogging:
I am still feeling so loved from the wonderful response last weeks post about my summer plans received. Since this is probably my favorite outfit to date for EH, I thought it would be so fitting to share why I started blogging. I started following bloggers, specifically Katey McFarlan at Chronicles of Frivolity, while I was in high school. I'm not sure exactly when or how I found Katey on Instagram, but I adored following along with her blog and content then and even to this day so many years later. I loved her style, I loved when she talked about her then boyfriend and now husband and what they were up to, I loved her advice and stories, etc. I loved that we could interact and I could ask her questions via email. She felt like a mini BFF through a blog and as much fun as I had interacting and following along with Katey, she helped a girl who has always had a thing for shopping and getting dolled up to pursue a platform of her own. Starting a blog was something I'd thought about since my junior year of high school. I never took the first steps until only a little over 4 months ago because of fear. I was nervous and anxious for the response I would get, from family, friends, strangers, etc. I doubted myself and didn't know what I'd be getting myself in to. I had never had my own website before and am in no way a tech genius. I felt like the universe was giving me more reasons not to pursue EH than to start. It was while I was home in Charlotte for a month with the comfort and support of my parents that I brought up a dream I had had for years. I am so blessed to have grown up in a home that my parents supported whatever I wanted to do. I'm close with my parents and love their input on my life because I wouldn't have the life I do without them. They felt like if it was something that I wanted and would work my hardest at, that I should go for it. With their encouragement, I finally let myself be driven by faith and not fear. EH launched in the end of December 2016 and it has been a dream ever since. I am having so much with EH and love everything blogging has given me since I started. The things I love the most are the things that I never expected in a million years would happen for me as a blogger. I've connected with so many bloggers across the country that I interact with daily, made local friends through blogging, and have gotten to work with so many talented and wonderful people. When girls reach out and ask for advice, text me pictures of things they bought from EH, and interact with me the ways Katey and I did years ago, this is why I blog. I'm interacting and building relationships with so many women through my creations and content and it all feels like cloud nine. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have such wonderful people support me and follow along with me.

 Have you told the people who support you thank you lately?! I thank you all! 

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