Friday, May 26, 2017

White Lace Dress and 10 Beauty Hacks/Tips

Dress: Star Gal Styles | Shoes: Steve Madden | Purse: Speedy Bandouliere 30 | Bracelet: David Yurman | Earrings: (similar) | Sunglasses: (similar)

Happy Friday loves! Thank the good Lord the weekend is here, and a long one at that! I think I've woken up almost every day this week like "Is it the Friday yet?!" Thank you to everyone that voted on today's post. My top 10 beauty hacks post was highly requested, as well as this white lace dress. I will also be uploading another highly requested blog post about growing Instagram engagement on Tuesday. 

I have been dying to find a white lace dress. I've blogged before about how I love white in the spring and summertime, but this dress takes that love to a whole new level. I love the sophistication the vibe of this piece gives. I feel so flirty and fun wearing this white lace dress from Star Gal Styles. I love that I found a dress that mixes classy with sexy. It's a perfectly appropriate length and a fit thats great because it's not too loose or too tight. The nude slip makes the white lace adventurous. I want to wear this to lunch with girlfriends, blogger events, a date night with Mason, you name it. After wearing this, I'm 100% convinced every girl needs a white lace dress. You need a piece that mixes a little bit of Jackie and a little bit of Marilyn together! I'm wearing a size small for reference. I suggest sticking to your true size because mine was a great fit. And holy steal alert, this dress is only $50! You'll want to pick yours up ASAP because this dress dress is selling out fast online. P.S. If you're wondering where I'm headed this weekend, Sunday I'll be brunching the day away in this dress!

10 Beauty Hacks/Tips:
Disclaimer: I am by no means a beauty expert! All opinions and advice are my own. These are just simple, inexpensive things that have worked for me. I'm not saying replace a typical beauty product for removing makeup with one that isn't designed for make up removing purposes, but this is more of a guide to reference when you forgot something or are looking for a way to maybe save a little money when it comes to beauty products. I hope it helps! 

1. Want to create a more full coverage make up look..?
To create a more full coverage make up look-bake more than just under your eyes. I figured this out when I found my makeup was fading quicker along my jawline. By the end of the day, my jawline had the least coverage and I was frustrated because it's where I primarily break out. So after baking my eyes, I began to bake my jawline and it worked wonders! My makeup not only stays on longer along my jawline but creates a more full coverage look as well. I also bake my laugh lines around my mouth and on my forehead to prevent creasing on my face.

2. Ran out of shaving cream?..
 Opt for your hair conditioner. I easily get razor burn from a razor and shaving cream, so I love using conditioner to shave my legs. Conditioner feels moisturizing on my legs and gets the job done! This is a great hack if you have forgotten or suddenly run out of shaving cream. 

3. Don't want to pay for setting spray? Spritz your face with..
I lived with a collegiate cheerleader last year who always had a perfect, full face of make up after hours of sweating. She told me she would lightly spray her face with hairspray and I tried it for myself. It does help your set your makeup and help it stay on longer. Investing in a good makeup setting spray is a hack within itself because you save time and money not having to reapply and touch up your makeup multiple times a day.

4. Regrow your eyebrows with..
Castor oil. Castor oil has given new life to my eyebrows y'all. They were razor thin in high school and putting castor oil across them before going to bed has filled in my brows in so much. Castor oil is super inexpensive too! I also love to massage it in my roots. I do this before bed and the night before I'll wash my hair in the morning. The castor oil helps aid my hair growth as well!  

5. You can whiten your teeth (and get real results) for less than $10..
Plus White 5 minute whitening gel is a life saver. I was in disbelief before trying this gel because this product is pretty inexpensive for whitening products. But holy smokes it works! It's definitely something you need to keep up with every day or else you won't see/lose results, but when I got in to a routine of using it a lot of close friends were complimenting my smile and telling me my teeth looked whiter. Such a steal for how great of a product it is for it's inexpensive cost. (Sorry, could only link the whitening gel with toothpaste which is a little more than $10. You can get the whitening gel by itself for less than $10 at Walmart!)

6. Ran out of makeup remover?..
Use lotion! I can usually scrub away my face makeup with soap and water without make up remover, but it's always my eyeliner and mascara that won't wash away without makeup remover. When I don't have makeup remover wipes handy, I'll grab a wash cloth and apply a dime sized amount of lotion to the cloth and massage it over my eyes. Once I've felt the eye makeup dissolve, I'll take a dry part of the cloth to wipe away any access lotion or makeup. Lotion removes makeup just like makeup remover would! I luckily have a face/body lotion in my bathroom, so I suggest using a face lotion. I always follow using lotion around my eyes, with washing around my eye area with soap and water. 

7. Protect your hair from damage every time post shower by..
Drying your hair with an old t shirt and not a towel. Drying your hair with an old (clean) t-shirt vs. a bath towel will reduce frizziness as well as hair breakage. I don't suggest wrapping your hair up in a towel because you're pulling and tugging on your hair. Instead, just dry your hair by scrunching out water with a t-shirt.

8. Need acne to shrink overnight?
Use toothpaste as a spot treatment! Whenever I've had a zit that is super red and large going to bed, I'll dab a little bit of my toothpaste on it. I'm not 100% sure what in toothpaste helps my acne, but my pimples are reduced in size and redness by morning time. I researched and found that its not recommended to use acne as a permanent spot treatment, but more of an occasional, overnight quick fix!

9. Discolored skintone?
Use color correctors! My drugstore color correctors are only $5 for each color and have transformed my makeup look. Color correcting has especially helped with the redness in my skin. My cheeks and acne were so red they'd show underneath my foundation, which drove me nuts! Now I apply green concealer over any redness on my skin and a peachy nude color underneath my eyes to cover dark circles, and my skin looks flawless once I top the concealers with my foundation. This is a cheap hack to stop over using foundation or skin-colored concealer to cover trouble areas. I use so much less foundation and skin-colored concealer since starting color correcting. 

10. Finally, you NEED to wash and moisturize your face! 
I never understood why I had to wash and moisturize my face twice a day, until a few months ago. I was at Ulta with a friend when she was purchasing skin care products. I realized I rarely had a skin routine and wanted to try a few things out and see if I would see a difference in my skin. I was struggling with large pores and crazy redness. Girl, let me tell you something. Washing and moisturizing my face daily has transformed my skin. Not only have my pores shrunken and my redness been reduced, but the texture of my skin is like never before. It is so much softer and smoother since I have started properly taking care of it. I'm using less makeup to conceal my pores and redness. I also am not applying and removing makeup like I used to. Because my skin wasn't soft and smooth from good care, if I accidentally applied highlighter over a patch of rough skin, I would have to remove my makeup around that area because the highlighter would pick up and highlight a scaly patch of skin, making my rough skin very visible and bumpy looking. Also, washing and moisturizing your skin now will prevent wrinkles when you age! You'll save yourself a lot of time and money if you take care of your skin now vs. later. 

I hope these hacks/tips help!! Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. This was a great read! Love the dress and love the makeup tips. I started using color correcting fluid a few months ago and it is seriously amazing. I don't love the feeling of heavy makeup so it's fantastic!

  2. Great post Kennedy! I love to read about other girls beauty tips and tricks!! PS- you look stunning in that white dress <3

  3. Very cool post babe! Love this dress too. Huge fan of lace.


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