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Tanceuticals and Self-Tanning Tips

Body Tanner: Tanceuticals | Face Tanner: Tanceuticals | Mitt: Tanceuticals 

Happy Tuesday y'all! I haven't shared a beauty routine in awhile and am excited to incorporate more of what I do to get ready in to EH this summer. That being said, I started self tanning less than 10 months ago. I've gotten spray tans for years, but the price of memberships and the inconvenience of having to drive, wait in line, and drive back drove me to explore tanning myself versus at a salon. I have always been pale. I've especially felt like Snow White my entire life because of my dark hair. I have to be out in the sun all summer long to build up a tan that I love. When I first started self tanning, it was because I didn't want to bake out in the sun or a tanning bed. I have a family history of skin care and am terrified of being all wrinkles when I'm older. I love to be tan because I feel like it better suits me with super dark hair, but I want to be able to do so without damaging my skill. 

I have found a fantastic self tanner. My Tanceuticals products are great for first time self tanners and those who have self tanned for years. This is because the product is super easy to apply with the self applicator mitt, the product isn't streaky, and smells amazing for a tanner (just like coconut)! Todays post is a review of my current self tanner, my tanning routine, and some tanning tips that would be great for first time self tanners. 

I'm currently using Tanceuticals to tan and am absolutely obsessed! I've used St.Tropez to self tan since September, but for me at least Tanceuticals is my favorite of the two for a few reasons. 1. The color is not orange, but more of a natural brownish color. If I had to take a guess, a majority of people who are on the edge about self tanning but don't do it are afraid they'll make themselves look orange. When I first used this product, my entire family not only complimented my tan but thought I had been naturally tanning out in the sun. The formula of my Tanceuticals Body Lotion in dark gives me a very natural color. 2. This product isn't streaky. I've applied this tanner already twice over the past few weeks and my skin has not looked streaky once. The body tanner is a lotion and I apply it with the mitt (tanning glove) like I'm putting lotion on just like any normal day. I love that this formula applies  and blends easily with my skin. 3. Tanceuticals smells amazing. My Tanceuticals tanner has a great coconut scent. This is so much better than regular self tanners. Anyone that knows me well enough can usually catch when I've tanned that day because of the smell! The smell of Tanceuticals products smell beachy, perfect for summer. My Tanceuticals tan lasts me about 4-5 solid days. 

I've linked my body lotion, face lotion, and mitt above. All three products are on sale! The body lotion applies tinted, the face lotion applies normally like any white lotion, and the mitt is essential for applying self tanner to your body. This keeps you from getting tanner all over your palms! I like to apply the face lotion with a cotton ball for more accuracy on my face.

My tanning routine:
Before self tanner:
Before self tanning, I'll shower and make sure I 1. Shave and 2. Exfoliate. I'll exfoliate with a body scrub wash and a poof to remove as much dead skin as possible. I always make sure I have 100% clean skin before tanning. 
Applying Self Tanner:
When I begin to apply self tanner I always start from the bottom of my body and work my way up. Feet, legs, stomach, chest, etc. I apply it to all areas of my body by myself except for my back. I always grab a girlfriend to apply the self tanner on my back for me to ensure 100% coverage. 
After Self Tanner:
It'll depend on whatever self tanner you use, but most suggest applying it right before bed and letting it set and develop overnight. After applying self tanner, I'll let myself air dry until I don't feel wet anymore and then wear loose fitting clothing to bed. I'll make sure I don't sweat or let myself get wet before the next day when I shower. When I wake up in the morning and my tan has developed, I hop in the shower to rinse off any residue, pat myself dry, and lotion my body up right away and throughout the week to maintain my glow. 

Tanning tips:
1. Start light
If you're ever worried about looking orange or too dark, start with a light self tanner! I've always used dark self tanners because I love to look as tan as possible, but starting light is a great idea if you're on edge about self tanning.
2. The more you lotion up, the longer your tan will last
The more you keep up with keeping your skin hydrated, the longer your tan will last. Lotion is your best friend when you have a fake tan.
3. Do not layer tans
I've gotten impatient with tans before and layered tans and their such a pain to remove! You have to naturally let your tan wear away before applying more self tanner. To speed up the duration of your tan, take hot baths and showers, use body scrubs, jump in the pool, and don't keep your skin as hydrated.

You're all set for the perfect self-tan this summer!

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  1. I feel like it's hard to find a good self tanner that doesn't make you smell weird and/or doesn't make you completely orange! Thanks for these great tips and honest review of the products!


  2. I have been looking for a new self tanner and this one sounds so great ! I am going to give it a try. Thanks for your great review.

  3. This sounds like such a great product! I'll be honest, I've never used a tanning product a day in my life, but if I were to try something, I'd be happy to try this out!

    Deepti xx |

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