Saturday, May 6, 2017

Adios Tee and My Weekend Plans

Adios Buddy Love Tee | Shorts (similar) | Earrings (similar) | Shoes 

Cheers to the weekend! Happy Saturday y'all. I woke up this morning without an alarm for the first time in a long time! Even last weekend I was up early to move out of my apartment in Raleigh. It felt so good to wake up in Charlotte this morning and know I don't have any schoolwork for a few months! There's no better start to a Saturday than not having to constantly think about what is due and what I need to study for.

Was this not the perfect top for Cinco de Mayo!? I had planned to post this Adios tee on Instagram yesterday, before even realizing that it was 5/5! I was at a Mexican restaurant with friends when I showed them these pictures and realized this was the perfect outfit for Cinco de Mayo. Buddy Love printed tees are THE cutest. There's no better way to describe it. Their prints are colorful and so much fun! I'm wearing my adios tee today with torn denim skinnies today because it's a little bit on the cooler side in Charlotte today, but the possibilities with this tee are endless. I'm excited to wear it with black denim, colorful shorts, and even just over a bikini at the beach this summer. I'm wearing a size small for reference. 

I'm also linking the Buddy Love's tees page so you can shop all of their tees. My favorites are the adios, which come in red and black print, and the #babecrew tees, that come in black and pink print! 

This weekend starts with helping my sister get ready for prom! I'm running to pick out some jewelry for her dress last minute and helping her and her friends with makeup this afternoon. I'll be sharing some of my makeup favorites on my Instagram story throughout the day as I help them get ready. Then, I'll follow her to the country club to help her take pictures and end the night off with a date night with Mason. I swear there are no two people more who love movies than us, they're a majority of our dates! We'll most likely grab dinner and catch an action or a thriller tonight. Tomorrow for the most part should be pretty relaxing. My family loves big Sunday breakfasts, so that I'm already looking forward to that! I am shooting tomorrow night, which means lots of new blog posts this week. It could get a little hectic and feel a little crazy balancing school and the blog at times, but I could not be more thrilled to be able to focus on EH full time. This upcoming week especially I'll be putting some major work in to the blog and can't wait to share with y'all what I've been working on!

What are your plans for the weekend? 

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