Tuesday, April 4, 2017

JORD Watches: Zebrawood and Champagne

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Happy Wednesday y'all! I shared with EH yesterday that I'd be sharing watches on the blog this week and in addition, I have a surprise! I've partnered with JORD watches to giveaway a $100 credit to one EH reader. All you have to do is enter at the giveaway link at the end of this post and you're set. JORD has also given all EH readers a $25 credit to use towards their purchase. How to receive the $25 credit, the JORD watches website, my Zebrawood and Champagne watch, and again, the giveaway,  are all linked at the end of this post.

I absolutely adore my Zebrawood and Champagne watch. The wood detailing of the watch is unlike anything I had ever seen before. Truthfully, I had difficulty choosing watches before this one because I could never pick between a silver or gold watch. I honestly wear gold and silver equally. I love gold for necklaces and earrings and silver for rings and bracelets. So naturally, I didn’t want to choose between the two. The wood makes it so that my watch is neutral between silver and gold and it truly makes it wearable with anything! The face of the watch is fantastic as well because it’s almost a soft enough gold that the face of the watch looks platinum, again making it universal with almost anything. I think the pieces we should invest in are the ones we will get a lot of wear out of. I love finding steals on things that I’ll occasionally wear or style, but my wood watch is not only something that I will continually style throughout the year, but it is also a unique, and high quality piece of jewelry.

This is actually the first EH post that won’t only apply to women, but men as well because JORD Watches carries both men and women’s watches. JORD was so wonderful to have my watch custom fitted for me as well before sending it to me. I actually have a tough time finding pieces to fit on my wrist because I swear my wrists are the size of a child’s.

There are numerous options to choose from JORD watches as far as wood and face color, shape, etc., making it easy for anyone to find their ideal watch. 

Shop all JORD watches: here 

Shop my Zebrawood and Champagne watch: here

Enter my giveaway with JORD watches: here

To receive the $25 credit: Just enter the giveaway above! 
Giveaway ends 4/30/2017 at 11:59PM. 
Both the $25 and $100 credit will expire 6/30/2017 at 11:59 PM. 

Can't wait to hear what y'all think of JORD watches! Xo Kennedy

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