Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Easter Dresses

Happy Tuesday y'all! I hope everyones Tuesday is a lot better than mine. I've caught the cold of the century and have not wanted to do anything but sleep and binge watch Law & Order SVU. I googled best SVU episodes not too long ago and came across a website that had ranked all 400 episodes of SVU. There is a special place in heaven for the soul who created that because I have loved the rankings and the episodes that I watched. If you have a girl crush on Olivia Benson like me and love SVU, you can find the rankings: here . Kind soul, whoever you are, I have a great feeling we would be best friends!
From bed, I wanted to share with y'all not only my Easter dress for this Sunday, but a few other dresses and rompers I loved as well. There's white dresses, palm leave prints, lace, gingham, maxi dresses, etc. so hopefully there's a little something for every girl. 

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