Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Blue Lace Romper and Summer Plans

Romper: K LA Boutique | Shoes: Steve Madden | Purse: BCBG | Purse: Similar |

Happy Wednesday y'all! I am thrilled to be half way through the week because it's my last weekend before I move back to Charlotte and my momma is headed to Raleigh to spend the weekend with me! Is anyone else's momma their best friend? My mom and I call each other multiple times a day and know everything going on in each others lives at any second. We are both the first people we call when we have big news and when we're upset and need a gal pal to vent to. She actually went to NC State too and it's both her and my Dad that made me fall in love with NC State. I was destined to be part of the wolfpack! Having lived in Raleigh before, she also knows the best places to eat and shop and I have no doubt half the reason she is excited to be here this weekend is for all the going out we are sure to do!

Before I head in to my plans for the summer, I had to share this sweet K LA romper with EH. Y'all know how much I adore K LA boutique and I'm so excited to be back in Charlotte next weekend to be able to collaborate with them so much more these next few months. It's finally warm and sunny out again (it's been pouring and gloomy as ever the past couple of days) and this romper couldn't be cuter for spring. Powder blue is one of my favorite colors to wear. I'm probably the worst wolfpack fan for admitting that because red is in my blood and I'm supposed to hate Carolina blue, but it's such a feminine and flattering color! I adore the lace detailing and how flattering the fit of this romper is. Y'all know I'm a sucker for girly pieces and this blue number is no different! I'm thinking this will be the perfect piece for the Wells Fargo golf tournament in Charlotte because it's light enough to keep me cool in the hot sun and still dressy enough for the occasion. 

Shop the Pretty Details Romper: here
Shop K LA boutique: here

My plans for the summer:

 I am headed home to Charlotte next weekend and could not be happier to be home close to family this summer. First, I will be taking the blog (hopefully) full time these next few months. I've scattered a few blog posts a week depending when I could find time with school to plan, shoot, write, etc. and not being in school this summer will free up so much time to take EH to the next level! I'll be incorporating a lot more posts other than fashion and style, I really want to film makeup tutorials, shoot date night ideas with my boyfriend (there are so many wonderful things to do in Charlotte), share some of my favorite gluten free recipes, etc. I'm hoping to collaborate with more blogs, more businesses, and overall just bring more content to EH readers. I would love to have a blog post up everyday, thats my goal! I'll also be nannying this summer for my favorite family in the whole wide world. I am very lucky to have been in 3 special kiddos lives since I was in a senior in high school. We'll be spending a lot of time at the pool, whatever kids movies come out this summer, and eating lots of gluten free food (all 3 kids are gluten free)! Day's I'm not nannying will be spent in meetings, planning, shooting, and writing. I did apply for some internships this summer, was called in for a few interviews, and ultimately did not receive an internship this summer. Everything I applied for was geared towards rising seniors and as a rising junior in college, I wasn't the perfect fit. This was something that I was upset for a while about. But, I have realized a couple things over time. 1. I got a lot of interview experience which I am SO thankful for because I learned so much from every interview I went on. 2. EH has made me stand out, according to every company I interviewed with, and not receiving an internship has made me feel like I am supposed to dedicate as much time as possible to blogging and continuing to work hard with EH this summer. Nannying this summer will allow me flexibility with blogging an internship would not have. I'll start applying for internships again in the fall and hopefully have more to share about EH when I do! I am a firm believer in what is meant to be will be and I am excited for all the wonderful to come this summer. 

Whether you've read my blog, liked a photo, purchased something you found on EH, or even reached out and showed your support through a sweet text, thank you!!! Your support is helping me pursue something I've become very passionate about. I wish I could hug everyone personally and treat you to mexican food and your favorite dessert! 

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