Thursday, March 23, 2017

Soap 54 soaps

Happy Thursday y'all! I'm excited to be heading to Charlotte today and can't wait to be home for the weekend. I have a fashion show tonight, an interview Friday morning, and hope to shoot and spend the rest of my time with my family. I'm very lucky to have a close relationship with my family and can't wait to see everyone and hang out together.

Before I head out, I'm sharing the best smelling soaps with y'all. Soap Fifty Four makes the cutest, best smelling, and inexpensive bath products. I'm sharing a few soaps that I have with y'all today, but Soap Fifty Four also has bath bombs and soaps for men as well! I'm so impressed because each soap I received was packaged super cute and it all smells heavenly. Not only do I love washing myself with these soaps, I'd take a lotion, perfume, etc. if Soap Fifty Four made them! These soaps are great too because I can stick them in my purse or in a drawer and everything I own smells amazing. I'm linking all the soaps I have below, each only $6-7, and definitely recommend checking out what else Soap Fifty Four has to offer (marble soaps!) on their Etsy site!

Shop the-
Kauai Clay Salt bar: here
Pink Himalayan Salt Soap Bar: here
Fruity Flower Scented Soap (Blushin): here (My favorite!)
Shop Soap Fifty Four: here

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