Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Makeup Minis

Calling all mini's lovers! I love buying tiny sizes of makeup. Mostly, because I think the size is too cute to pass up but travel sizes do come with perks. They're relatively cheaper than regular priced make up pieces and a steal if you want to try something out without purchasing the whole product. I've never tried Better Than Sex Mascara, but have heard such great things about this mascara from friends and bloggers I wanted to give it a try. Truthfully, I saw this travel size mascara waiting in the checkout line at Sephora and for half the price of the full size mascara, I was sold! I'll keep y'all updated on how I'm liking it. The rest of the minis featured today are travel sizes of makeup that I absolutely love for distinct reasons and have not been able to find products that could match. I'm linking all the full size products today because you cannot purchase travel products online, but all travel sized products (exception of the concealer) can be purchased at Sephora/Ulta checkout lines:

I'm convinced this is one of Gods many gifts to women in the form of bronzer. Such a beautiful, pigmented color that I love to contour with. I will absolutely never again contour with another color! Hoola recently came out with a lighter bronzer and I'm excited to try that color for when I'm not tan. My favorite thing about the Hoola mini/travel size bronzer is that the tiny brush is the perfect size to contour my face with. I feel like the size of the brush is what helps me get a perfect cheekbone contour!

The lip paint that I have photographed is "Birthday Suit" and that as well as "Namaste" are my favorite shades of this lip product ("Namaste" is lighter). What I think sets this lip product apart from the rest is that the product is a liquid lipstick that doesn't dry crazy weird to your lips. I love liquid lipsticks but hate the way they dry on my lips. These lip paints don't dry harshly on my lips at all. I love the formula so much of this product it is my go-to lip when doing my makeup.

I swear this is the only highlighter that, on me personally, looks dewy on the skin and not shiny or glittery. I love highlighters for the dewy look they give skin and Opal is the queen of all highlighters. This isn't a glittery highlighter and I think looks so natural and beautiful on the skin. 

I have the worlds worst dark spots in my inner corners. I swear sometimes I feel like I look like I have mini black eyes. This is the only concealer I have ever used without foundation or any other product, that makes my dark circles vanish. I've applied it on one eye and not the other to compare, and my mouth was at the floor. I'm convinced with how well this concealer covers up my imperfections, that it can cover up anything!

This is my favorite piece from my Colourpop/Tarte makeup giveaway going on now! I am obsessed with this palette. It's actually my third time purchasing it. The first time I bought it was for a friends birthday, the second time was for me because I was very close to stealing my friends, and the third time for my readers. The colors in this palette are usable for every day wear, which is rare in an eyeshadow palette to be able to use every single shade daily. My favorite color is "purr". The pigment of these colors is great and the name/packaging is too cute to pass up. I carry this palette around with me too because I love the size of the mirror in the palette. 

I'll let y'all know what I think about the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara!
xo Kennedy

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