Monday, March 27, 2017

Black Tassel Earrings

Happy Monday y'all! Charlotte was a dream this weekend. I was fortunate enough to spend so much time with my family and do what we do best, eat and shop 😂  Would y'all want to see a Charlotte shopping haul from this weekend? I love when bloggers/Youtubers upload hauls. I'm guessing this is because I love to shop and I'm also a little nosy and always want to be in the know 😉 Let me know in a comment or a quick message if you'd want me to post a haul! I shopped at K La, Julies clothing, Petal boutique, and Bevello

Today though I am sharing my favorite pair of earrings for spring! My Sid + Sam tassel  earrings are precious. These are the perfect statement earring. Every girl should definitely have a pair because they can dress up any outfit and make any outfit more festive and fun! The earrings aren't too heavy and go with everything being black. I love the black for spring because they add a pop to colorful outfits. I wear statement earrings like these with a top and jeans, a dress, or romper like photographed. These earrings come in 5 other beautiful colors and I'm linking what is in stock below! Be quick to get yours though because they are selling out and rightfully so! I'm also linking Sid + Sams website below and for my NC girlies, they're located at Fabulous Finds boutique in Fayetteville! 

Shop the Cornelia Tassel earring in black: here
Shop the Cornelia Tassel earring in pink: here
Shop the Cornelia Tassel earring in turquoise: here
Shop the Cornelia Tassel earring in yellow: here (I want these next!)
Shop Sid + Sam: here 

My romper is Vestique

Give me a shout about the haul & kill your Monday today y'all. Xo Kennedy

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