Thursday, February 23, 2017

Traveling Essentials

Happy Thursday Y'all. We're almost to the weekend and there's an exciting few days coming up for EH! This weekend I'm traveling to Charlotte for interviews, meetings, and shooting. I cannot wait to share with y'all what I have planned for next week. There are so many collaborations (and giveaways!) coming up with brands and boutiques that I think y'all will love as much as I do.

I travel quite a bit in school. Whether that be back and forth between Raleigh and Charlotte, Raleigh to Clemson, etc. I always feel on the go. All the back and forth traveling has helped me gage what I need to remember to bring when I'm going somewhere for the weekend and what I am overpacking. This post is not verbatim what to bring when you travel (I don't mention a toothbrush or shampoo but that doesn't mean I'm not saying to bring them!) but instead a few essentials that I love when I'm on the go.


1. A good pair of jeans:
I love my go to jeans- they're stylish and comfortable which makes them the perfect piece to take back and forth between cities. A go to comfy look can be tee and jeans and I can dress us jeans with booties or heals and a dressier top for dinner or going out at night. This piece is essential in my wardrobe traveling because jeans are so versatile, I can mix and match them with multiple outfits while traveling and my favorite pair are so comfy!
My favorite jeans: here (which are pretty much sold out so I've included a similar pair)
Similar jeans: here 

2. Sneakers:
Sneakers are so trendy right now and I am loving it! I want to pick up a pair of Vans slides ASAP, but I'm packing my New Balances with me this weekend. Sneakers are perfect for leggings and a big t shirt if you're in the car and relaxing to the max or you can dress them up with a pair of skinnies and   a sweater or dressier top. I live in sneakers and they're secretly becoming a mini obsession. You will not regret packing your favorite pair, your feet will thank you for it on Monday.
My new balance shoes: here

3. Statement top:
Especially when I go home to Charlotte, I always end up wearing things my mom has picked up for me or I go shopping with my sister and end up wearing everything I bought, that weekend. But, I always try and pack a unique top that can pull together a go to outfit for me so that I have one go to outfit for the weekend if all else fails! My current favorite go to top pairs beautifully with torn skinnies, a skirt, even just jeans. I love having a piece in my wardrobe that I can always count on to make me feel good and look good too!
My favorite statement top: here


1. Rosewater
I gave my testimonial on rose water in my skincare post, but in all seriousness- this stuff rocks. The aloe in the rosewater I use helps my skin discoloration and sets my makeup. I use this product everyday, whether I wear makeup or not. Rosewater is so soothing, good for your skin, and it's inexpensive. I don't know what I did before using it!
My rosewater: here

2. Brow product:
Even if it's just brow mascara, you can never go wrong with a good brow. I'm absolutely in love with my brow pencil and have raved about it in so many posts. On days where I wear no make up, I always fill in my brows! If I had to only pick one makeup product for the rest of my life, it would be a brow pencil hands down.
My favorite brow pencil: here

3. Mascara:
My second favorite makeup product is mascara. I love to play up my lashes! I think mascara makes me look more awake and put together. I do not have a favorite mascara because I switch up my mascaras so much, but if I had to pick my favorite lash look it would be voluminous lashes. My favorite mascara is drugstore and I swear it makes my lashes so full and long sometimes I'm asked if I'm wearing fake lashes. Drugstore mascaras are the bomb and an inexpensive buy at the drugstore before traveling!
My favorite volumizing mascara: here

3. Miscellaneous:

1. A kick butt playlist:
I spent a solid 30-45 mins creating a playlist of songs that I love (love as in I know every single lyric, to every song) for car trips. I find myself jamming out on the road as I cruise down I-85 and the time flies driving. I can't rely on radio as stations change moving city to city, so I have Spotify Premium and absolutely love it. My favorite artists for road trips include: Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Chance the Rapper, and Kanye West. I love my playlist because it makes a 4 hour car ride a lot more bearable! Even if you travel mostly by plane, good music makes times fly.

2. Dry Shampoo:
I love to be lazy with my hair when it comes to traveling! My favorite dry shampoo is running very low at the moment because I try to wash my hair as little as possible (this has helped so much with the regrowth of my hair). I can promise y'all after blowing my hair out to shoot on Saturday I will definitely be dry shampooing my hair for days after. Dry shampoo is essential for me on the road, especially if I run out of time to shower and redo my hair before going to dinner or out for the night.
My favorite dry shampoo: here

3. Travel laundry bag:
I always kick myself if I forget a travel laundry bag when I'm on the go. I travel with one large suitcase which carries my clothes to and from. If I forget a travel laundry bag, I have to search high and low for a bag I'm never going to use again to carry dirties back to Raleigh with me. I love to throw a bar of soap in with my travel laundry bag as well, so if for some reason I've worked out and my laundry isn't pleasant smelling, clean clothes in my suitcase won't smell when I'm back in Raleigh. The bar of soap usually makes all my clothes smell great when I'm unpacking, even the clean ones!
My favorite travel laundry bag: here

I can't wait to share my trip to Charlotte this weekend with y'all!
Happy traveling!
xo Kennedy

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