Sunday, February 5, 2017

The holy grail: My favorites in my make up bag

My shopping habit became a lot more dangerous when I figured out I could get some of my favorite makeup grocery shopping or on my weekly walk through of Target 😉 

In the last year, I have come to love makeup and experimenting with it. I finally feel like I'm at a point in my makeup collection where I can share my favorites, both drugstore and high end. All products I have listed are products I have used for months and am absolutely hooked on (some pieces are obviously very loved on!). I'm the most dramatic person alive- but these products were game changers for how I felt on a day to day basis. A lot of these pieces have dupes or are dupes, but the formula and consistency of the products I have chosen I feel like cannot be beaten by anything else.

If you've read my December Ipsy Bag review, you know I've already raved about this primer. It smooths my skin and fills in my pores, especially the large ones around my nose. This primer creates the perfect base for my makeup everyday. While this primer is on the pricer side, I cannot say enough how effective this product works to smooth the skin to create an even base for your makeup. I've linked the full size bottle but you can buy a travel size to try for about 12$ to try the product which is what I did. 

Y'all- the amount of discoloration in my skin is insane. My cheeks are SO red, so much that before this palette the redness would show through my full coverage foundation. My acne scaring is dark and the inner corners of my eyes are purplish/black. I have already worn through the green color (to correct redness) and the salmon color (to correct dark circles) and I am in love. I apply these concealers in my trouble areas after primer and before foundation. They have changed the look of my face with makeup. These colors even out my skin tone and while I'm working with skincare products to hopefully correct some of the discoloration over time without makeup, these concealers are an instant  fix! My redness nor my dark circles show through my foundation anymore.

I am the most back and forth person when it comes to foundation. I love full coverage foundations because there's so many inconsistencies with my skin that I feel like I need a full coverage foundation. This foundation not only gives me the full coverage I need, it truly mattifys my skin, this foundation is inexpensive, and offers a large variety of colors for all skin colors. I use color 120 to match my skin color always and 310 when I'm tan. 

Absolutely in love with this palette. The colors are wearable on a day to day basis, majority are matte, and the pigmentation is fantastic. I use the built in mirror for close up makeup. My favorite thing about this palette are the colors: I love to mix them. I pack classic all over my lid and mix chic and bold in my crease to create a natural look daily. (P.S. Tarte is having 20% off on their website right now!)

5.NYX Microbrow Pencil:
This is a product I have already raved about before but it deserves as much recognition as it can get. I've tried drugstore eyebrow pencils and high end pencils that were 20$+: nothing beats this eyebrow pencil. There are numerous beautiful colors for all hair colors and it is a steal for 10$. I use the color "chocolate" but have used multiple other colors before when "chocolate" wasn't available (these pencils fly off the shelves of Ulta and Target) and I've always been happy with the results. I'm desperately still trying to grow out my eyebrows and this pencil perfectly fills in the spacey areas on a daily basis for me.

6. Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray
If I could tell y'all to try one product- it would be this setting spray. Adding a good setting spray to my make up routine transformed my make up. I spritz this a few times all over my face after I've finished my makeup and my makeup last all through the day. I mean after I've laid on my face in bed, touched my face throughout the day, etc. my makeup lasts and I accredit it to this setting spray. My makeup still washes off easily at night with a makeup remover and face wash. The spray is refreshing and cool on your face and doesn't have a strong odor. I feel like my makeup lasts better during the day, the colors on my face are more pigmented, and I feel like I'm using less makeup because of this spray because I don't feel the need to touch up during the day. (P.S. the look of the bottle has changed but I've linked the exact setting spray that I have!)

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