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Skincare products

Happy almost weekend Y'all! I've been lucky enough the past few semesters to not have Friday classes so Thursdays are my fave day of the week (especially since my only class today was cancelled!) 😉 

It's taken me years, but I finally have a skincare routine down. I got such a wonderful response from my Holy Grail Makeup post and will be posting more about my makeup collection/routine in the future, but I wanted to share my skincare routine because where I love makeup, sometimes my skin does not! I have struggled with acne since middle school. I have struggled with acne scaring and discoloration in my skin since high school. And since being in college, I have struggled with dark circles and huge pores on my face. It took figuring out I have sensitive skin to really spend time deciding what my skin needed and what I needed to stop. I am so excited to share my skin products because they have all worked wonders for my skin, all in different ways. For the first time in my life, I feel comfortable going to class, running errands, etc. without makeup on. My skin made me feel awful at times in my life. My acne, scaring, discoloration, etc. felt so bad that it had to be covered up.
Seriously though, I feel like my skin has flipped a 180. I am loving my these products and the wonders they have worked on my skin:

Such a wonderful product- makeup remover without the smell, can be used with a soft cloth to remove makeup, doesn't leave your face feeling oily, and I think more cost efficient than buying makeup wipes every week. This bottle has lasted me months and not irritated my skin whatsoever. I use this to take my makeup off everyday.

I use to love exfoliants, because I thought they were clearing my pores and helping my skin. I messed up my skin using an exfoliant everyday because they added to the discoloration in my skin as well as tore open my pores all over my face. Following using my micellar water, I wash my face with this Olay Cleanser. It's only 5$, no harsh odor, and is very gentle and soothing for my skin. For Target lovers, I also love this Target brand gentle cleanser.

This product is to die for. I walked through Ulta one day with a friend with only the intention to pick up a couple things, when we both got lost in the skincare section and talking to a woman who said we had to try this mask. Mind you, I had everything I needed and was only tagging along with my friend who the employee at Ulta had convinced to try this mask out on her hand.Y'all- this is an exfoliant with out the harsh beads. The formula of this mask is just like a normal cleanser, no microbeads. To use, you massage the product all over wet skin for 1 min and then rinse. That's it! Upon using this product at Ulta, a demo was performed on my hand, my hand became incredibly soft and dead skin had vanished. I was in awe at the store and purchased this product that day. At home, I use 3-4 times a week on a clean face and my skin feels like new, every time. Dead skin vanishes and I get the same feeling after using an exfoliant without microbeads irritating my skin and tearing open my pores. I know that this product is called a mask, but I treat it as a deep cleaning cleanser because you only use it for 1 minute (it feels like washing your face really well!).

I am a face mask lover, and splurged and spent more so on face masks than I usually do with this Mario Badescu Whitening Mask. I adore Mario Badescu products. You only have to leave this mask  on for 5-10 mins and it rinses off with ease. This mask specifically helps the discoloration in my skin as well as my acne scaring. Both have been reduced since I started using this mask. 

I received a water based moisturizer in my Ipsy bag months ago, and fell in love. Moisturizers like this Neutrogena one are so soothing and cooling on the face. I love that this moisturizer is inexpensive and a little goes a long way. I dip my pointer finger in the container and it's plenty of product for my face! This moisturizer gives me an extra clean feeling waking up in the morning and going to bed at night. 

Rose water smells wonderful, sets makeup, and is another soothing product for your skin. When I don't wear makeup, I spitz this Mario Badescu rose water on my face. I feel like it helps with the discoloration in my skin and is a steal for the price! 

I am a Freeman mask lover. They work well for my skin and are super inexpensive for 4$ a bottle. My current favorite is the Dead Sea Minerals Facial Anti-Stress Mask. It's lightweight on my face, doesn't dry harshly on skin, washes off easily, and does exactly what it says: cleans pores. My skin feels so clean and clear after using this product. 

Some products that I love to use on my skin that are not photographed:

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion: hands down the best acne spot treatment money can buy. This drying lotion works wonders on everyone I know that has used.

A typical morning using these products would look like: 
Gentle Cleanser 
Rose Water

And a  typical night:
Micellar water
Gentle Cleanser
Purity mask 
Whitening Mask or Freeman Mask

Thanks for reading loves, have a wonderful weekend! xo

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