Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Organizing my planner

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyones week is off to a great start. I don't know about y'all, but yesterday was the Monday-est Monday in a while and I could not wait to crash in bed and Netflix the night away. 

My readers are a mix of students, parents, girl bosses, etc. and our lives don't all overlap in the same ways some of the time but, we all have a planner and do our best to stay organized. Whether this be planning out work projects, school work, blog posts, etc. we try our hardest to be on top of everything and not forget something along the way. 

Today I'm sharing the three things I do to keep an organized planner that will ultimately make you less stressed and more on your A game throughout your week. This is advice I live by and it makes my days so much easier knowing exactly what is ahead of me in the week to come:

1. Get in the habit of writing things down- immediately:
This could be doctors appointments, needing to resubscribe to something by a certain date, a random event in your schedule that is unusual, etc. For me, things out of my "ordinary" day to day life are the easiest to forget. I try to have my planner on me at all times so that when something comes up that I need to jot down, I can right away. Worst case scenario, my phone is on me and I have a running list of things to jot down in my planner before going to bed in the notes section of my phone. I can't tell y'all how many things I have looked back on my agenda and thought to myself- "I would have never remembered this if I hadn't written it down 3 weeks ago". Getting in the habit of writing things down or taking notes on your phone when even the smallest things come up-immedaitely, will help ensure you won't be missing something in a week or two.

2. Plan your week out the week before:
I sit down with my syllabi, work schedule, blogging schedule, etc. the week before and write my weeks out in every detail. This takes SO much stress off school work especially. It forces me to be thinking ahead about things and not get to the week of and be like- "Wait, that's due this week?". I'll sit down usually by Wednesday and plan my next week out. This way, I have the entire weekend if for some reason I've forgotten a big project or test. I cruise in to my weeks with ease knowing everything I need to get done and having my entire schedule ready to go every Monday.

3. Prioritize what needs to get done:
I have no doubt everyone already does this but if for some reason you don't, it helps with the stress! I organize my priorities by: school, work, blogging, errands, workouts, etc. By starting my week off with an organized list of what needs to get done, in the order of whats important, I feel more ready fro my week. I am a firm believer that there is an order to things, even our lives!

You can find the smaller version of my Target planner: here
(I can't find my size planner online, but I would check in stores! Thats where I bought it)

Hope everyones week just became a little bit more organized!
xo Kennedy
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