Sunday, February 19, 2017

Gold Champagne- Lip Sense

Hey y'all and happy Sunday!

One of the main reasons I started blogging was to share products that I love with family, friends, strangers, whoever. Especially products that have worked wonders and left me continually happy with lasting results.

Today I'm partnering with Suzzie Brown at Lip Sense to bring y'all a sweet, peach lip color. Before getting to work with Suzzie, I had never tried any Lip Sense products. She was so kind to help gage me in the right direction of a color that she thought would suit me well and helped me find "Gold Champagne". 

I am loving this brand! 1. The variety of colors to choose from is fantastic. There is such a wide selection of colors from the light, peachy color I am wearing in this post, to deep beautiful shades that are so bold and fun to wear. 2. This product stays on your lips. Lip sense liquid lips are a glossy formula but also work as a work stain. My gloss stays on through it all- especially when it comes to water, which I adore because nothing stinks more than having to consistently apply lip product over and over again when drinking or eating. Suzzie's social media handles are packed full of women putting the product to the test. 3. The formula is cooling/tingling on the lip with application: I love cooling products!

My gloss builds really well, I like to use 1-2 coats to give me a very natural lip look, but multiple coats like in these photos will give you a strong and bold peach lip. 

My gold champagne is a perfect shade with spring so close. I'm linking Suzzie's Facebook group and Instagram below so getting your own gold champagne or checking out all Lip Sense colors is as easy as one click. 

Suzzie Brown's Lip Sense Facebook group: here
Suzzie Brown's Instagram: here 

Hope everyone's Sunday is peachy! xo

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