Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Celebrating The Holidays- Valentines Day

Happy February y'all! I am decorated and ready for Valentines day. My sweet decorations are courtesy of my sweet mom who most likely picked them up at Target (I can get the details of where exactly she got them if anyone is loving the banners!). My room will stay this decked out until the end of the month. Then I'll be switching over to green and gold decorations for St.Patty's day.  I am so lucky to be in a family that celebrates holidays. Not just Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc. I mean decorates and celebrates holidays like Valentines Day and St.Patricks Day as a family! Since I've been in school, my mom has been so kind to still include me in family holiday celebrations by sending me boxes with decorations, goodies, candy, etc. For example, I personally thought it was normal to give and get St.Patricks day gifts until I got to college and every single person looked at me like I had third eye ball. 

I can't explain why we celebrate every holiday the way we do, except that my family loves to celebrate in general. With meals, with small gifts, with family outings, etc. It's exciting, fun, and a tradition I will definitely share with my kids one day. Every holiday there is something special that makes each holiday different from the rest. Valentines day growing up always consisted of:
- a love themed present of some sort, I think my favorite as a kid was a heart shaped locket my parents gave me 
- a dinner my dad cooked for the entire family, usually our favorite meal and the last time I was at home it was Chinese
- a tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream all to ourselves (The self size tubs! Also fun fact, this is a tradition for our family as well on the 4th of July) 

If I had to pick a favorite family tradition it would be: Christmas eve dinner. When my siblings and I were younger, my parents tried for years to get us to eat fish and all three of us strongly disliked fish. My parents finally gave in one year and ordered a Chick Fil A tray and we loved that so much, ordering a tray happens every year now! Along with filet and lobster. Seriously, what could be better than having chicken, french fries, and filet all in one meal? 

I'd love to find out if people have similar traditions or their own special ways to celebrate throughout the year! 

Have a good week loves!

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