Thursday, January 12, 2017

What I'm Wearing: Comfy clothes

I'm so excited to start my first blog series for EH. "What I'm Wearing" will feature outfits I have put together for specific occasions. I was inspired to create this series because I've had multiple friends ask me what they should wear certain places, whether that be class when they have a presentation but don't need to dress formal or what to wear out on a Friday night when it's 20 degrees out. The first post of the the series will be: Comfy Clothes and I hope my outfits can give you even the smallest bit of inspiration for how you plan out your wardrobe!

These comfy clothing items are what I feel like I spend 90% of my time in while in school. I've invested in great pieces that I'll wear all winter and constantly recreate. In addition to the outfits I've created above I'm also including my advice on building a comfy wardrobe. I'm probably the only college student on the planet who does it, but I plan out my outfits for class. I have no idea why, but if I could I would have every aspect of my life planned out the month before. Dressing comfy for me has become a staple look more than anything just because I am in college, but also comfy clothes are I wear to run errands, grocery shop, have a girls night in, etc. I have so many sweatshirts, sweaters, leggings, t shirts, thermals, etc. that I love but the pieces photographed above are definitely the things I wear most! It might seem crazy to think one can "build" a comfy wardrobe that consists of sweatshirts and leggings but both are clothing items we probably don't recognize how much and often we wear if you're a college kiddo like me! My advice and insight on building your own comfy wardrobe:

1. Find a brand you love-
I've found mine and it is Z SUPPLY. My first Z SUPPLY purchase was their Pocket Tee and I was in love. They are the most comfy, flattering, and well made T shirts I have ever owned! I quickly bought a few more tees and now own thermals, sweatshirts, sweaters, etc. This brand is beautiful and I'll be dedicating an entire blog post to their brand in the near future but building upon my Z SUPPLY collection helped me build a comfy wardrobe to begin with. The clothing is high quality and investing in their pieces works because the pieces are well made and stay in great shape after me wearing them all the time (and I mean all time). Whenever I'm dressing comfy I will always have on a Z SUPPLY piece of some sort!

2. Quality over Quantity while mix and matching:
My mom constantly reminds me to purchase clothing items with quantity over quality in mind. I would wear a different outfit every couple of hours if I had the choice, so for me to stick to that logic is difficult at times. But, learning to mix and match clothing in your closet can you transform your wardrobe in such a way that can create the feeling of a new wardrobe itself. Above, I'm wearing the Z SUPPLY The Weekender multiple ways and the last way I came up with on the spot and it's probably my favorite! In thinking about what I wanted to write in this post and how I would model mixing and matching, I stepped out of my own comfort zone of how I usually wear my clothes and layered the sweatshirt, wore it alone, and tied it around my waist. Mixing and matching allows you to minimize your spending and maximize the style of your clothing. Bottom line: Buy things you can layer and mix with other pieces in your closet.

3. Utilize discount stores:
Some of my favorite leggings and shorts are from T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, etc. Just because things are less expensive, does not mean they are less in quality! This makes a whole lot of sense for girls my age too on a budget while in school. I would argue that the athletic sections of these stores are the best because they always have such great options. Discount stores are great for athletic clothing if you're not wanting to spend a lot of money. Not even for just clothes, but discount stores are my go to place for home decor. Discount stores will have popular brands and clothing styles that are of trend, so always checking these stores out while shopping is a great idea for your wallet.

Columbia Powder Pillow Hybrid Jacket in Black

True Grit Frosty Tipped Pile 1/2 Zip Pullover in Charcoal

For Coaled Days Tunic

Ponte Leggings

New Balance Women's Vazee Transform Graphic Training Shoes

Off the Shoulder Sweater Massimo

The Weekender

Loft Cardigan

The Emerson Thermal

Pocket Tee

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