Thursday, January 5, 2017

Season wishlist

What's a new year without wanting some new goodies? This is my wish list for this season. Some products I will be purchasing fairly soon and some I might not purchase at all, but all are products on my radar and would love to own:

1. Suede Biker Jacket 
I have desperately been searching for a structured jacket like this one from ASOS. I'll borrow friends and my moms but recently have been craving one of my own. A jacket like this could pull together a basic top and jeans with booties, top off a dress, or just keep me warm bundled up with a big scarf on chilly days. A jacket like this will always be in style and can pull together any outfit.
2. Wool Blend Trapeze Coat in Mid-Length 
I have been loving the coat I wore in my NYE post. I'm traveling to DC in March and won't be able to get away with wearing only leggings and an off the shoulder sweater. Nothing could be more classic and could match with more than a black coat like this! With the colder weather and my growing obsession with over sized coats (I have two in grey and brown now) I'm looking to complete that collection with the go to color of all time and the cut of this coat is stunning! I would love to wear this coat open over skinnies and a fun top going out to dinner or even over a dress and heels to church or attending family affairs. 
3. Rose Gold Cut Away Metal Cat Eye Sunglasses 
I'm uploading a post soon with comfy clothes I'm wearing this season and with one outfit, I wear my favorite pair of sunglasses from Forever 21 very similar to these only they are black. Rose Gold is one of my favorite colors and I never even thought out wearing rose gold sunglasses before finding these beauties. Their inexpensive, big, and the prettiest color! I think these sunglasses will not only be a fun way to mix up wearing my black sunglasses but be a great transition in to spring in a few months.
4. Motel Off Shoulder Body Con Dress With Frills Sleeves and Hem in Leopard
I cannot wait to purchase this dress! If I buy one thing from this wish list, it will be this dress. No specific reason except that I LOVE it. I love the off the shoulder and ruffle detail and the print is a really pretty leopard print without it being obnoxious or tacky. I'm imagining this dress with hot pink heels or thigh high boots. I'm quite sure I'll find lots of places to wear it even though I don't have one right now!
5. iPhone 6 LuMee Case
Call me crazy- but I like selfies! Not so much that I would have considered wanting this case, except that I borrowed a friends selfie light a couple months ago and loved it! Her light was a clip that attached to your phone and it made our girls night so much fun. The lighting did improve the quality of our selfies and made us feel a little extra glam. I would love to have a case to put on my phone for the girls nights or silly times with friends and families when selfies are the most fun to take!
6. Fitbit Alta Accessory Brand
Is it bad a fitbit became super appealing to me when I realized I could get it in gold? Now I'm suddenly like-I should be tracking how much I walk a day-I might talk myself in to this one! I'm definitely not a workout fanatic (I wish I was!) but this gold band is too cute not to have.
7. Scheme Of Things Black Long Sleeve Dress 
I want a black sweater to wear out as a dress with thigh boots and love this one from Lulus! I get asked by friends what I wear when going out at school in the cold because short skirts and small tops don't work when its 20 degrees out! A light sweater and boots will probably be my go to outfit this winter season on the weekends when going out at school. I will be dressed warm enough for the weather (well, maybe only kind of!) and not be so over dressed that I walk in to a house or room and feel like a human space heater. 
8. Velma Mirrored Serving Cart
I think bar carts are stunning when used for decoration. When I have my own place, one of my first purchases will be a bar cart like the one above! Strictly wanting this as decor to decorate when I have friends over or even for different holidays.
9. Large 17 month agenda in White Cream Marble
I love agendas and purchased one for this past semester but I bought a size too small and had to switch to a larger agenda. This is the perfect size for me! The agendas have cute quotes and stickers throughout and I love the marble detailing on the cover. 
10. French Vanilla Brightening Powder 
This is hands down the best powder I've ever used on my face. It smells amazing and sets my make up perfectly. I received a sample of this in my Ipsy bag a couple of months ago and burned through it quickly because I loved to use it everyday. This color looks beautiful on all skin tones and is highly reviewed by those who use it! 
11. Snake Print Mini Skirt 
I'm recently in the mood to experiment with patterns lately! I'm not sure why but I could think of so many places I would love to wear this mini skirt to. When I think about what I'm going to wear going out while at school, I envision a sweater, boots, and a skirt like this. This would be precious paired with thigh high boots and a plain sweater.
12. Glamboard 
Okay this is actually a product I need! When I do my makeup, I start sitting down and then stand up, sit down again, stand up, etc. This is because some parts of my makeup routine I do sitting close to a mirror and other parts I like to stand in front of a large mirror. In my apartment at school, I start sitting down in my room to fill in my brows and then stand up and walk to my bathroom to prime my face and apply foundation, etc. I go back and forth and usually just carry my makeup with me to and from. This glamboard would make it so much easier to just set up my makeup on the board and carry that back and forth wherever I go, verses carrying lots of different make up items in my hands. You could carry this board to a friends room to do your makeup, to your bed to sit in natural sunlight and apply makeup, etc. The possibilities are endless with the glamboard. 
13. Naked Color Correcting Fluid in Green
I have so much natural redness in my face and love my green concealer in my NYX color correcting palette but have quickly run out of it because there was so little in the palette I bought. I will be soon investing in this green concealer because using green concealer before applying my foundation has made a tremendous difference in how my make up looks. If you're someone that really struggles with redness in your face I would highly recommend a green concealer!
14. Alphabounce HPC Shoes in Core Black/Onyx 
Sneakers have become so popular to wear with everything lately. I'm currently obsessed with my New Balance Women's Vazee Transform Graphic Training Shoes and 620 New Balance sneakers for women. I am wanting a change though with color and brand. I've seen so many people get new Adidas sneakers for christmas and I love the styles I've seen. Trying to break away from only wearing grey habit, I would love a pair of black sneakers like these!
15. Sally's Box Aqua Moist Gel Cream
This product was another sample I received in my Ipsy bag a couple of months ago. I fell in love with how wonderful this moisturizer smells. It's clean and sweet smelling and very hydrating on my face. I would love this in in lotion for the scent alone.
16. Cast Metal Steer Head Skull in Gold
I've been looking for a skull to hang in my room for a while now but could never find one I loved for a price I would be willing to pay. This is a super cute and affordable option from Target that will ship to you!
17. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
I used this product when I was younger and when I went through a phase of no acne, stopped using it and never repurchased it (just guessing it slipped my mind!). But, recently I've seen this product a lot online and remember how well this acne spot treatment worked for me and will be repurchasing in 2017.

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