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December Ipsy bag

One of my favorite finds of 2017: the Ipsy glam bag
Ipsy is not something I came upon on my own but from a fantastic friend who convinced me to give it a shot. For those who are unaware of what this little bag of beauty products is:
Upon visiting Ipsy, this super cute website has you take an online quiz asking what your favorite beauty products are, favorite brands, how comfortable you are with makeup, how adventurous you are with make up, etc. (Note that not only makeup can come in the Ipsy bag) Then, for only 10$ a month, you'll receive 5 high-end samples of beauty products every month! In my Ipsy bags I have received makeup, make up brushes, face masks, scrubs, moisturizers, nail polish, etc. For 10$ a month this bag is so worth it. The samples you're getting aren't a one time use, teeny tiny dab of a product that you won't even get a full use out of. I've gotten full sized brushes, 3 facial masks, a full sized eye brow pencil, etc. On top of the awesome quality of the products, a price you can't beat, Ipsy  has incredible customer service. I've emailed back and forth with Ipsy multiple times about products I was getting in a bag that weren't working for me and they have always worked with me and made me so happy! Example: I was getting nail polishes in my bag and can't paint my own nails to save my life without looking like 5 year old me did them, so nail polishes were going to waste as far as my own bag. I emailed Ipsy out of curiosity if I could no longer receive nail polishes and not only am I on a no-more-nail-polish standing list, but the sweet girl I talked to let me pick items for my next Ipsy bag. The customer service is impeccable, they link every product you've ever received making it easy to find products you loved and want to purchase, create fun makeup tutorials with each months products, and send you free goodies for being a customer (keep reading to find out how!) I love this bag and will forever be excited to get my surprise goodies in the mail every month.

Reviewing the products I got this month, this was probably my favorite Ipsy bag I've ever received!
1. Starting with my favorite primer of all time, I was hype to receive the POREfessional Face Primer from Benefit this month in my bag. This primer transforms my skin once I put it on. Around my nose, my pores are so large on my face I feel like my cheeks look like mini sponges. Once I moisturize my face before doing my makeup, I gently massage this primer over large pores on my face and once I've applied foundation, my pores vanish. This primer is on the pricer side but if you have large pores and
they bother you like me, this primer is worth it. No other silicon based primer gives me the same look as POREfessional. I wouldn't use this primer all over just because this primer is focused on filling in large pores generally around the nose and in the T zone. Making my pores disappear helps me create a flawless coverage. I couldn't speak more highly of this product, it is an absolute must have and I truly think if you can concentrate it only large pores on your face, the price tag is more than worth it.

I love my tarteist™ glossy lip paint in wcw by Tarte Cosmetics. I was hesitant to try this product because I never wear dark colors on my lip, but after trying this on top of a dark lipstick and even a red lipstick, this will be my go to lip color when I don't want to wear a natural or nude lip. The color is almost like a "bitten" look. It's very flattering on my skin color and doesn't wash me out. I think this shade would universally look beautiful on any skin color. The lipgloss is high quality and keeps for a while so I didn't feel like I was reapplying this constantly throughout the day. The shade of this gloss is what will make it a staple for me, but I in gerbil love Tarte lip glosses! The shades and quality of the product are impeccable.

3. It felt like such a treat to receive a blush palette this month. I love palettes and being able to mix colors. The Be Matte City Color Cosmetics Blush Palette was packed with beautiful colors and high pigmentations. (Disclaimer: The link for this palette will direct you to the matte blushes CCC offers. I couldn't find the palette on their website but for only $4.99 a blush, you cannot beat the price for a high pigmented blush!) My favorite color from the palette was "guava" but no colors disappointed! The blushes are all high pigmentation and I feel like after wearing the blush all day, the color was still there after a 12+ hour long day. I've swatched the colors below as follows: fresh melon, blackberry, and guava. I loved these blushes and for only $4.99 a blush, it's definitely worth a try when looking for new blushes.

4. I received a full sized eye shadow brush this month! The MicaBeauty Angle Eye Shadow Brush has now become a staple in applying my eye shadow. After using this brush a couple of times in my crease, I'm obsessed. What I love so much about this brush is that it picks up and blends the perfect amount of product. I don't feel like I'm digging the brush in eye shadow over and over again trying to pick up enough product on the brush, nor do I feel like I pick up too much product and make a mess out of my eye look for the day. The brush is dainty and fits perfectly in to my crease. My eyeshadow blends beautifully and the brush itself is beautiful. I've never used any product by MicaBeauty before this brush but I will be looking in to other products with Mica because this brush is fantastic. The Angle Eye Shadow Brush is my now go to crease/blending brush!

5. I received Glycolic Fix Serum by Nip+Fab Skin as my final item this month. This is a serum that is suppose to help with wrinkles and fine lines on your face. I currently don't have an issue with either but still tried this product anyway. As soon as I applied this product to my face, I felt it tighten my skin. The scent of the serum is great and it goes on as a clear gel cream all over. It almost felt like someone took their hands and was stretching my skin out to make my face look tight. I like applying this before makeup!

Notice a second brush in my post this month, a 6th product?? Yes! I received a 6th product in my Ipsy bag for: reviewing the products I was sent on my website. You have the option to give feedback on the products and brands you receive every month and when doing so, you accumulate points and can use those points for free, extra goodies! This highlighter brush is BOMB. I love it more so than just applying highlighter with a fan brush. The perfect amount of product is picked up on the brush and the brush feels soft and smooth on my face. Even though I received it for free, I've linked the Pro Highlighter Makeup Brush by Beauty Junkees. It's less than 12$ and if you're looking for a highlighter brush without paying a crazy price, try this brush!

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